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Wood carver Erikas Čypas
Wood carver Erikas Čypas - certified folk artist, who founded Craft Centre, in which he creates unique wood carvings and organizes educational programs for those, who wants to learn to carve. Erikas Čypas is known as a lover of folk art, as well as widely known in his carvings, especially popular distaff. The personal exhibition of Erikas Čypas was held in Zarasai, Salakas, Kriaunos, Anykščia
Wood carver Gediminas Kairys
G. Kairys is engaged in wood carving for a long time. His articles includes: spoons of different sizes to mix cooked jam, to crumple the butter, chopping boards for vegetables, bread, meat and other products, rolling pins, a variety of patterned spindles and sticks, interesting folk masks, all of which the author sells at fairs, markets, many of his works went abroad. 
Tatar cemetery
There is no date when the cemetery was established, but it is still working till this day. This is the only Muslim cemetery in Aukštaitija.
Zarasai old Jewish Cemetery
Does not work from 30's of 20th century.
Antalieptės Hanging Bridge
The pedestrian bridge over Šventaja in Antalieptė was installed in 1986. It is wooden, suspended from metal ropes, and supported by two pairs of concrete stands with supports and spacers. The bridge is especially interesting for children and is called the "monkey bridge" by them. in 1999 the bridge is included in the list of objects of historical and technical heritage.
Cemetery and Chapel of Degučiai sentikiai
The cemetery was established in the 18th century, after the settlement of the Sentikiai community in Degučiai. The cemetery is full of monuments and ancient crosses. Since 2004 In the Degučiai sentikiai cemetery, the works of cemetery maintenance, monument restoration, chapel reconstruction, and donation collection are carried out. in 2006 The cemetery community "Degučių rimtis" was
Zarasai new Jewish cemetery
Cemeteries were opened in 30's of XXth century.
German WWI fortifications
Сombat actions of World War I, that had strated in 1914 in Europe on the territory of current Latvia and Lithuania countries, reached their superior limit in autumn of 1915. The front line in Zarasai district has set up from both sides of current Latvian and Lithuanian borders. On the territory of current Latvia was located the troops of Russian Empire, on the other side, on the territory of cu
JSC „EMERTA“ snail farm
JSC “EMERTA“ grows, recycles and produces products of African (Helix Aspersa Maxima) snails. Company is located in northeastern Lithuania, Zarasai district, nearby Salakas. Helix Aspersa Maxima snails is high quality food product, which includes a lot of proteins. Very valuable delicacy. It is tasty and healthy meat product with no fats and cholesterol. Food products of snail meat are
Vasaknos manor
The Manor of Vasaknos is located on the shore of Lake Vasaknos - it is a special place, where everyone can touch the exclusive history of the manor - here every interior detail is magnificent luxury. The manor is suitable for festive banquets, business meetings or conferences. Eighteenth-century renovated barn is modern and original, with spacious sleeping rooms and food in his restaurant is su
Green educational spaces of Zarasai Agricultural School
Zarasai Agricultural School, located near the city, invites all guests and residents of the city to admire its green educational spaces. They are adapted for school activities, but at the same time they are also a place for a walk. In the school yard you will find an impressive flower paradise, which is especially beautiful in June-September. The environment is decorated not only with carefully ma
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