TOP tourist attractions in Zarasai
Zarasas lake observation bridge and watershore of Zarasas lake
A unique architectural construction, which has no analogues in Lithuania. It was opened in 2011. Visitors can observe Zarasai lake panorama from a 17 metres high bridge. The stairway down leads to the path along the Zarasai lake shore and to the benches, where visitor may sit back and enjoy the scenery of the lake. The architect of the building is Š. Kiaunė. 1,4 km long shore connects the obser
Obelisk to commemorate Saint Petersburg - Warsaw tract
In 1845, a cast-iron obelisk measuring 11.1m in height and with a stepped base (measuring 4.28 x 4.28m) was erected to commemorate the construction of the Daugavpils to Kaunas highway (part of the St Petersburg to Warsaw postal route). The front of the obelisk had a metal plaque on it with inscriptions in Russian and the coat of arms of the Russian empire. The monument was intended to commemorate
Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Neo-Baroque style church was build on the highest place of the town. It is rectangular single nave building. Two towers erected on the main facade, between a wavy section. Upper parts of the four stage towers are octagonal with baroque style domes, globular superstructures and openwork crosses, the openings in the facade and towers are of different sizes and shapes. There are three altars in the c
The Great Island of Zarasas lake
Covering an area of forty-four hectares, the Lake Zarasas Great Island is one of the largest in Lithuania. In the past it had other names, such as Anglija (England Island), and Draugystės (Friendship Island). Inventory documents mention a manor house which stood on the island in the middle of the eighteenth century. After this fell into disrepair its grounds were used as a town garden. During the
Sėliai Square
This is an urban monument, the value of which is determined by the specific plan of the regular system of radial and circumferential streets, and one particularly highlighted feature with regard to the whole composition, Sėliai square, where all the radial streets meet. This is the only city in Lithuania with such city plan, among the other places of the 19th century planned according to the examp
Zarasaitis lake beach
The Lake Zarasatis peninsula has been known since the inter-war period in Lithuania. In 1933, when the town’s inhabitants became interested in watersports, one of the first open-air swimming pools in Lithuania to have a springboard was built on the shore of Lake Zarasaitis, near the source of the River Nikaja, near the ‘Aušros’ villa. Here, athletes used to prepare for various co
Museum of Zarasai region
Museum visitors can see the history of the region perpetuated in the old documents, fishing and hunting itemes and trophies, church literature, clothing, art works created by the fellow artist M. Šiletos, sacral sculptures, examples of the vintage fabrics and bedspreads, typical to this region. The museum is constantly running various temporary exhibitions, various cultural events, national holida
„WAKE-IN“ cable park
''WAKE-IN'' is a full circle track, 6 towers and a wakeboarding park, that is located on the wonderful lake Zarasas. The length of the track is almost 600 meters, and this is the largest wakeboarding park in the Baltic States. The track is open for both novices and professionals. On the track you can try wakeboarding, water skiing and kneeboard. Also, next to the park
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