German WWI fortifications

Сombat actions of World War I, that had strated in 1914 in Europe on the territory of current Latvia and Lithuania countries, reached their superior limit in autumn of 1915. The front line in Zarasai district has set up from both sides of current Latvian and Lithuanian borders.

On the territory of current Latvia was located the troops of Russian Empire, on the other side, on the territory of current Lithuania was located the German troops. Certainly these separations are important only for nowadays, because in WWI time the borders have not excisted on that territory.

The positions of German troops in Zarasai district has set up starting from Turmantas, through Zarasai city and till Stelmuze. Huge struggle was involved in the 10 kilometers long territory between Turmantas and Tilze.

On the both sides of the road has been set up almost 100 building with different functions: bunkers, fire positions, a large complex of the field hospital, artillery storages and headquarters of command.

Buildings of front line are located in forests, near strategically important roads, near lakes and reservoirs. Some of these buildings are easy visible and reachable, however to find some another buildings it will take much more struggle. Moreover, hard reachable buildings could be perceived as interesting challenge for those, who are interested in historically military heritage.

Guests of Zarasai district, who are interested in history, surely will get deep impressions from historical heritage objects, that  are representing historical events of whole Europe. One meter thick walls with holes for firing, ceiling inforced with metalic details – visitors of fortifications of Turmanda could feel the same feelings, that the soldiers had felt 100 years ago, waiting for orders and enemy attacs in fortifications.


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