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JSC „EMERTA“ snail farm

JSC “EMERTA“ grows, recycles and produces products of African (Helix Aspersa Maxima) snails. Company is located in northeastern Lithuania, Zarasai district, nearby Salakas.
Helix Aspersa Maxima snails is high quality food product, which includes a lot of proteins. Very valuable delicacy. It is tasty and healthy meat product with no fats and cholesterol. Food products of snail meat are ecologic, healthy and, most important, very delicious.
At the moment are available:
Frozen Helix Aspersa Maxima snails in burgundy sauce, 100 grams.

Consistency: snail meat, butter, dill, garlic, salt, snail shells (non eatable). One portion consists of 12 snails packed in one foil plate, adapted for warming in microwave or heat oven.  Required to keep them for 10 minutes in 200°C. Kept in -18°C temperature, snails expire only after one year.
Snails degustation for order. It is unusual service, when client can order degustation to the house, office or any other place. We are coming with all equipment and host degustation with educational program. We are talking about growing snails, valuable internals, what is the difference between snails and other food products, why it is healthy to eat snails and a lot of other interesting facts. Tasty and interesting.
Educational program at our farm. We accept groups of guests in our farm for excursion. Tourist can get to know specifics of snail growing, see where they are being grown. They will hear stories why snails are valuable as food product and in other spheres. Guests will see homegrown snails including achatina, which they will be able to hold in their hands. Also we welcome children groups and have special program for them.


Address: Paskardiškis village, Salakas parish
GPS: 55.551492, 26.04034
Phone No. +370 644 49549, +370 615 47831
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With children, District, Salakas parish
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