Educational programmes
Wood carver Erikas Čypas
Wood carver Erikas Čypas - certified folk artist, who founded Craft Centre, in which he creates unique wood carvings and organizes educational programs for those, who wants to learn to carve. Erikas Čypas is known as a lover of folk art, as well as widely known in his carvings, especially popular distaff. The personal exhibition of Erikas Čypas was held in Zarasai, Salakas, Kriaunos, Anykščia
Wood carver Gediminas Kairys
G. Kairys is engaged in wood carving for a long time. His articles includes: spoons of different sizes to mix cooked jam, to crumple the butter, chopping boards for vegetables, bread, meat and other products, rolling pins, a variety of patterned spindles and sticks, interesting folk masks, all of which the author sells at fairs, markets, many of his works went abroad. 
The exposition of old equipment for beer making of Ramūnas Čižas
Ramūnas Čižas - is a fourth generation brewer, who produces beer according to the family recipe dated 1863. R. Čižas - culinary heritage pioneer in Zarasai region. In the summer it is be possible to taste the dishes made of venison, wild boar, beaver, or wild birds. Only products made in Lithuania are used to prepare these dishes, they are prepared according to authentic ancient Lithuanian recipes
Šlyninkos Water Mill
Šlyninkos Water Mill is a three centuries old unique technical heritage building with preserved authentic equipment. A lot can be done in the mill: it is possible to see the grain milling process, to buy grain, flour and locally baked bread. It is worth mentioning that the grain is shipped to the mill only from organic farms. A variety of necessary equipment is available in the mill: roller machin
Apiary "Medaus namai"
Apiary of Laimonas and Jūratė Galvonai is located in Antazavė and its surroundings (in Sartai regional park, distant homestead in Derviniai village and elsewhere). Products of apiary are certified products of National quality. There is harvested not only honey (dandelion honey, raspberry honey, linden honey, meadow plant honey, buckwheat honey and etc.), but other bee products as well: bee pollen,
Creational-educational program "Create symbol of Stelmužė"
After visiting unique Stelmužė Holy Cross of Jesus Christ Church, where history of former manor will be presented and heraldic of founders will be show, every participant will get a tasks. In for all family applied creation education participants will have ability to create their own unique symbol of Stelmužė. Drawing may be related with heraldic of former Stelmužė manor, might oak or any other si
Woodcarvers Rita ir Gediminas Kairiai
   Rita and Gediminas Kairiai more than 30 years are living among the numerous wooden carvings, participate in various events, continues the ancient tradition of carving .
Woodcarver  Zenonas Striška
Address:. Lūžų st. 41, Antalieptė. GPS: 55.654555, 25.863717 Phone No. +370 614 48755 E-mail:
Folk art educations in Antalieptė parish
In less than 8 kilometers around Antalieptė there are at least three workshops of folk artists, who allows to come groups and helps helps to carve an item they want to.
Center of traditional crafts in Antazavė manor
Traditional Zarasai region craft center is located in Antazavė manor, in late 17th century built by counts Pliateriai. In palace‘s ground floor there are woodcarving, weaving and pottery workshops – all what might needed for technical basics to produce craftworks. Fashion demonstrations are organised as well. Craftsmen are willingly sharing their experience with every visitor. In craft
JSC „EMERTA“ snail farm
JSC “EMERTA“ grows, recycles and produces products of African (Helix Aspersa Maxima) snails. Company is located in northeastern Lithuania, Zarasai district, nearby Salakas. Helix Aspersa Maxima snails is high quality food product, which includes a lot of proteins. Very valuable delicacy. It is tasty and healthy meat product with no fats and cholesterol. Food products of snail meat are
Educational programme “The Incredibles“
Face art and body art Presentation og fashion show with designers Photomodel and photoshoot "Unreal" Santa Claus at the Christmas tree Specialty dish from the owners of the house "Čičirâj"-pilaf cooked in a cauldron, on the fire fried Snowballs fight, snow relay races, exciting climbing the alphinist wall or beer boxes (depending on weather)
Homestead of herbs „Bubilas“
In homestead „Bubilas“ there are grown and available for sale growns, also there are various educational programmes to get to know about herbs held.
Thematic village of Vajasiškis village community „Forefathers‘village“
The village of ancestors in Vajasiškis preserves lithuanian folk traditions and authenticity. The cultural-educational programme „Village in the 19th century“ which helps to get to know more about lifestyle of ancestors is offered for visitors of various age.
Children playroom "ZaRasiukas"
A playground for children from 0 to 13 years. Available services: children birthdays, family celebrations and other activities. We invite You to visit us and have fun! Younger visitors will be able to play, to jump on the trampoline, watch the videos, while parents will have the opportunity to relax with a cup of coffee, the parent zone. To make an order or get more information, call us!
Green educational spaces of Zarasai Agricultural School
Zarasai Agricultural School, located near the city, invites all guests and residents of the city to admire its green educational spaces. They are adapted for school activities, but at the same time they are also a place for a walk. In the school yard you will find an impressive flower paradise, which is especially beautiful in June-September. The environment is decorated not only with carefully ma
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