TOP tourist attractions in Zarasai region
Centre of visitors of Gražutė regional park
Visitor Centre is equipped with an educational exhibition about the Nature. Here scientists and specialists provide information about nature and cultural heritage objects, park landscape and biological diversity, which will really surprise even a very experienced traveller. The exhibition presents the terrain formed by glaciers and protected by Lithuanian laws, complex riverhead of the Šventoji (H
Cultural centre Dusetos Art Gallery
Dusetos Art Gallery - is an original district cultural centre, which attracts not only curious glimpses, but also encourages to unite all locally living and creating artists. In a modern gallery an exhibition of three-dimensional projections and exhibition of famous artist Šarūnas Sauka are set up.
Centre of visitors of Sartai regional park
Visitor centre exhibition room is equipped with kiosks, video projectors, interactive stands. Sounds of nature are reproduced to achieve an immediate sense of the nature. On the monitors, which are present on the exposition wall, visitors can watch the video about the genesis of the Sartai Lake and learn about the symbol of the Regional Park - the Great crested grebe. Visitors will find detaile
The Stelmužė Ecclesiastical Art Museum in Affiliate Church of the Holy Cross of Jesus Christ
The Church of the Holy Cross was built in 1650. The church is wooden and was constructed using only axes as tools, using neither saws nor iron nails. The interior of Stelmužė church was upholstered after 1713. There are quite a lot of valuable ornaments of Baroque style: bas-reliefs, high reliefs, sculptures, spiral columns, original wooden ornamentation, old religious paintings. From 1808 the chu
Place of former Stelmužė manor
Stelmužė manor is known since mid-16th century. Supposedly, before manor here was a castle. Although manor palace did not survived to our days, in one most interesting Aukštaitija region villages there are remains that witness boiling life in former manor. Manor, centuries back used to be flourishing in protestant environment, even today attracts groups of visitors from Lithuania and abroad. Visit
Šlyninkos Water Mill
Šlyninkos Water Mill is a three centuries old unique technical heritage building with preserved authentic equipment. A lot can be done in the mill: it is possible to see the grain milling process, to buy grain, flour and locally baked bread. It is worth mentioning that the grain is shipped to the mill only from organic farms. A variety of necessary equipment is available in the mill: roller machin
Stelmužė oak
Stelmužė oak is Lithuania natural monument, one of the oldest oak trees in Europe and the oldest tree in Lithuania. It is believed that the age of the oak is 1000 - 1500 or even 2000 years. Oak is 23 m in height, 3.5 m in diameter and 13 m in girth on the ground level (8-9 men are needed to fully embrace the trunk). Stelmužė oak - is a tree which has seen a lot during his life. Lithuanian dukes
Place of Apparition of St. Mary The Virgin at lake Ilgis
At the midnight of July 30th of 1967, Juozas Kriauklys (15 years old) and his cousin Albina Skvarčinskaitė (16 years old) were riding home on motorcycle. Suddenly they saw the light on Ilgis lake and when they were riding over bridge, on rotten pole they saw spectacularly beautitul girl. Teenagers got scared, motorcycle engine got choked, so motorcycle made short distance on with engine off and th
Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Sorrows
Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Sorrows is neo-romantic style church, with neo-gothic features. It is a rectangular basilica with a semicircular apse, with two side sacristies, and one tower. It has three naves, which are covered by cross vaults, and three altars. The churchyard fence - stone masonry. The building is of extraordinary constructional valour. Although the church interior is mode
Vida Žilinskienė's "Maritime Museum”
  Vida Žilinskienė's "Maritime Museum" is established in Gražutė Regional Park Visitor Centre, it is a maritime museum which is located farthest from the sea. This Maritime Museum has a unique collection of marine creatures, colourful corals, shells, fossils, and gifts, which are being collected for more than 30 years. There are more than 2000 of exhibits, and their number is
Antalieptė hydroelectric power plant
At 0.5 km from Antalieptė there is the first and the biggest mountain type hydroelectric power plant in the Baltics with 2620-kilowatt output. Using pressure derivation the water falls on the turbine wheel from maximum height possible in Lithuania - 35 meters. Hydroelectric power reserves are big: its water-storage pond area is 1,000 hectares, the pond has a capacity of 23.5 million cubic meters o
Antalieptė monastery complex
Supposedly, barefoot carmelites in Antalieptė shown up around 1700. Patrons of Order were Strutynskiai family and Rožė family from Pliaterytė, who in 1732-1734 have funded building of new monastery and in 1760 have finished building of church of St. Cross Discovery. New church has two belltowers, single nave, as if comprise would be extended of 3 connected parts. Under whole estimate of ch
Antazave estate
 Antazavė Manor was founded at the end of the eighteenth century on the initiative of the German-born Counts Plater. At that time, the three-storey neo-Classical white mansion building was adorned with the Plater family coat of arms. A stone granary, barns, a cellar, and other outbuildings were added alongside the manor. A triple-terraced park was planted at the foot of Lake Zalvė, while an o
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