All useful information: from souvenirs to automobiles repair and maintenance.
Camelia pharmacy
JSC „Nemuno vaistinė“ Adress: Malūno st. 4, Zarasai GPS: 55.73306, 26.255887 Phone No. +370 385 51293 E-mail: Website:
Gas stationLuktarna
JSC „Luktarna“ Adress: Juodalaukiai village, Zarasai parish GPS coordinates: 55.71767, 26.213848 Phone No. +370 385 37059 E-mail: Website:
Gas station Saitema
JSC „Saitema“ Adress: Vytauto st. 61, Zarasai GPS coordinates: 55.737228, 26.272799 Phone No. +370 650 95428
Dusetos liquid gas station
JSC Gazimpeksas Adress: Vytauto st. 74, Dusetos GPS coordinates: 55.753644, 25.848331 Phone No. +370 385 56871 E-mail:  
Euro pharmacy
JSC „Eurovaistinė“ Adress: D. Bukonto g. 7, Zarasai GPS coordinates: 55.7296, 26.243521 Phone No. +370 800 50005 E-mail: Website: www.eurovaistinė.lt  
Directorate of Gražutė regional park
40 seats;  Equipment: computer, projector, screen, magnetic board, audio player, audio system; Opportunity to participate in theme excursions in this region  
Medical first-aid
Adress: Malūno st. 4, Zarasai GPS coordinates: 55.733153, 26.2559 Phone No. 112  
Ignalina credit union, Zarasai case
Ignalina credit union Adress: S. Dariaus ir S. Girėno st. 28A, Zarasai GPS coordinates: 55.734176, 26.248318 Phone No. +370 385 51582 Website:  
Laboratory "Honey"
Innovarity valley offers cultural and educational establishments, social enterprises and newlaboratory "Honey".  The rent of apartment for realization of conferences, training,camps, seminars and meeting.  Posible also residence of participants of&nbs
Massage room
Cup massaging, classic, segmentic, honey, blood and lympth massage. Massage for babies under 1 year
Massage II
•    Classic full body massage; •    Anti-cellulite massage; •    Natural oils only – ginger oil, chili pepper oil, mustard oil, mint oil.
NerDas villa SPA & Resort
An oasis for two people, in separate, cozy, wood-scented villas. All three private villas are equipped so that nothing is needed for your rest. Inside you will find double beds with bed linen, a toilet and a shower with towels, bathrobes, disposable slippers and toiletries. The villas are also equipped with kitchenettes with all the utensils and tools needed for cooking, barbecues, spit tops an
Norfa pharmacy
JSC „Norfos vaistinė“ Adress: Vytauto st. 28, Zarasai GPS coordinates: 55.734837, 26.258038 Phone No. +370 655 26679 E-mail: Website: www.nvaistinė.lt  
R. Pupeikis automobiles repair concern
Adress: J. Gruodžio st. 25, Zarasai GPS coordinates: 55.741801, 26.246377 Phone No. +370 610 69072
Guesthouse „Smalvas“
•    Accommodation (5 cottages, 7 rooms, number of vacancies – 30);  •    WC, shower; •    TV, wifi.   
Souvernirs - gifts
Violpa, V. Silantjevo individual concern Adress: S. Dariaus ir S. Girėno st. 30/10  GPS coordinates: 55.734352, 26.2478 Phone No. +370 600 27600  
Tiltiškės watermill
The old Tiltiškės watermill was 150 kilometers away from the current one. Besides pair of simple grains, worked rough full wool felt, sawmill. Mill had its own plant providing electricity for residents of Tiltiškės village and Salakas town. At the present time:  The main and most original part of museum – the authentic grain elevator and original stained-glass windows. Major part of e
 Turmantas train station
Adress: Stoties g. 8, Turmantas  GPS coordinates: 55.699577, 26.464866 Phone No. +370 385 58335  
JSC „Lagreta“
JSC „Lagreta“ Adress: Palaukės st. 38, Zarasai GPS coordinates: 55.74295, 26.247756 Phone No. +370 385 52783  
JSC „Zarasai buses“
Adress: Statybininkų st. 2  GPS coordinates: 55.716989, 26.247897 Phone No. +370 385 51333 E-mail:  
Vasaknos manor
The Manor of Vasaknos is located on the shore of Lake Vasaknos - it is a special place, where everyone can touch the exclusive history of the manor - here every interior detail is magnificent luxury. The manor is suitable for festive banquets, business meetings or conferences. Eighteenth-century renovated barn is modern and original, with spacious sleeping rooms and food in his restaurant is su
 PI (Public institution) Zarasai area primary health maintenance center
Adress: Malūno st. 4, Zarasai GPS coordinates: 55.733153, 26.2559 Phone No. +370 385 52465 E-mail:  Website:  
Zarasai bus station
Adress: Savanorių st. 7  GPS coordinates: 55.735045, 26.25003 Phone No. +370 385 51333 E-mail:
Zarasų krašto muziejus
Adress: D. Bukonto st. 20  GPS coordinates: 55.728313, 26.245077 Phone No. +370 385 52456 E-mail: Website:
Zarasai post-office
Adress: Sėlių sq. 16/1  GPS coordinates: 55.73221, 26.244077 Phone No. +370 385 51444 Website:  
Cafe "La Ravioli Zarasai“
Are you looking for a place for your celebration, classmate or family reunion? Do you want to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, you need not only a delicious meal, but also space for dancing and games? Do you have special requests, for example, to hold presentations or international conferences with overnight accommodation for participants, and are you looking for suitable premises? Then we of
Practical teaching centre of Zarasai agriculture school
Throug centre's windows opens spectacular view to lake's islands, cozy surrounds decorated with orchard and sand beach. Facilities are suitable to commemorate all types of occasion and festivities. Active sport availabilities are attractive for groups of students, tourists, sportmen. School communities can organise education, sport activities, campsites. In practival teaching garden a
Culture centre of Zarasai district municipality
Adress: Vytauto st. 1A/2A, Zarasai  GPS coordinates: 55.73096, 26.246636 Phone No. +370 385 53285 E-mail: Website:  
Pubic library of Zarasai district municipality
Adress: D. Bukonto st. 20, Zarasai GPS coordinates: 55.728423, 26.245402 Phone No. +370 385 52279 E-mail:  Website:
Public hospital of Zarasai district municipality
Adress: Vilniaus st. 1B, Zarasai GPS coordinates: 55.733153, 26.2559 Phone No. +370 385 30588 E-mail: zarasu.ligoninė Website:
Zarasai district Tourism and bussiness information centre
Adress: Sėlių sq. 22, Zarasai  GPS coordinates: 55.732428, 26.246542 Phone No. +370 385 37171, +370 679 10091 E-mail: Website:  
Zarasai education center
30 seats;  Equipment: multimedia projector, laptop, conference stand, screen, video player, camera, video camera  Coffee beraks being held for additional payment
Aušra‘s oasis of gifts and wool
   Aušra Talačkienė produces handicrafts: knits, dive, worth jewelery, later wool. Felting organizes courses for beginners and advanced crafstmen.
S. Sinicos automobiles repair concern
JSC „Dalbėra“ Adress: Kauno st. 36, Zarasai GPS coordinates: 55.711858, 26.227568 Phone No. +370 614 29975  
„Vijuandra“ beauty cabinet
Massages, aromatherapy, procedures with seaweeds.
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