Beaches and other places for swimming
The Great Island of Zarasas lake
Covering an area of forty-four hectares, the Lake Zarasas Great Island is one of the largest in Lithuania. In the past it had other names, such as Anglija (England Island), and Draugystės (Friendship Island). Inventory documents mention a manor house which stood on the island in the middle of the eighteenth century. After this fell into disrepair its grounds were used as a town garden. During the
Zarasaitis lake beach
The Lake Zarasatis peninsula has been known since the inter-war period in Lithuania. In 1933, when the town’s inhabitants became interested in watersports, one of the first open-air swimming pools in Lithuania to have a springboard was built on the shore of Lake Zarasaitis, near the source of the River Nikaja, near the ‘Aušros’ villa. Here, athletes used to prepare for various co
Sartai Lake
Lake stretches in the area of 1332 hectares, it is unique in a hydrographic perspective: it consists of several branches. Therefore, no other Lithuanian lakes can catch up with Sartai on the abundance of branches. This lake has the longest coastline (79 km) and is the fifth-largest lake in Lithuania.  It has 6 islands. In Dusetos, on the shores of this lake, an attractive space for recreation
Beach of Great Island Zarasai
As soon as you enter the Big Island of Zarasas Lake, you are greeted by the city's main beach, which is crowded with residents and guests of Zarasai on a hot summer day. In addition to the sandy beach, vacationers are welcomed by an active waterboarding and water park with water trampolines, slides, pleasure boats for families, and children's playgrounds. For the convenience of visitors, t
The Antalieptė Lagoon
The Antalieptė Lagoon lies in Zarasai district, on both sides of the highway Kaunas-Zarasai, in Gražutė Regional Park. The Lagoon was formed after blocking the Šventoji river 211 km from the mouth (45 km from the source) for Antalieptė hydroelectric in 1959. Antalieptė Lagoon is the second largest pond in Lithuania after Kaunas Lagoon. Antalieptė Lagoon is one of the most beautiful and cleanest wa
The shore of Sartai lake
The shore of Sartai lake near the centre of small town of Dusetos (around 700 m), is a fully structured, equipped beach, cabanas, swings, coast sown grass, equipped with benches, simulators.
Drūkšiai Lake
Drūkščiai Lake is a natural area of European importance. The lake and its coastline stretches on the very edge of Lithuania, in the north-east part of it, on the junction of Zarasai, Ignalina districts and Visaginas Municipality, and adjoins to the the state border. Lake is a transboundary water basin, which crosses the state border between Lithuania and Belarus. Approximately 700 hectares of its
Luodis Lake
Luodis is one of the largest lakes in Lithuania. Žvėrinčius horn cape is its largest and longest peninsula,  a unique 200 m spit is interposed into aquatory, prolonging at the tip on a sandbank.  
„WAKE-IN“ cable park
WAKE INN ZARASAI - is a waterboard park in a circle located in a beautiful place in Lithuania, on the Big Island of Zarasas Lake. Enthusiasts of this sport will be delighted by the ultra-modern water track with 6 towers, 8 carts and even 9 Wake Station figures - Kicker 130 (2 pcs), Roof Top 21m, Fun Box I 20m, Ride on Handrail 15m, 3D Incline 10m, Stacked Box 12m, Fat Pipe I 20m, Bowl 2 Banana Tra
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