Beaches and other places for swimming
Zarasaitis lake beach
Beach of lake Zarasaitis was opened in 2014 May. The beach took a modern form by the architectural collective "a2sm” project. The beach of lake Zarasaitis with an open swimming pool is considered as the center of tourist attraction in Zarasai city. Many people remember summer in Zarasai because of leaps from the ten-meter springboard diving - unique in Lithuania. Now everyone can enjoy
Beach of Great Island Zarasai
Beach of Great Island Zarasai is the main beach in the city, where in the summer season is the largest concentration of holidaymakers. This is important recreation, entertainment, rest, greenery place for all people from Zarasai.
The shore of Sartai lake
The shore of Sartai lake near the centre of small town of Dusetos (around 700 m), is a fully structured, equipped beach, cabanas, swings, coast sown grass, equipped with benches, simulators.
„WAKE-IN“ cable park
''WAKE-IN'' is a full circle track, 6 towers and a wakeboarding park, that is located on the wonderful lake Zarasas. The length of the track is almost 600 meters, and this is the largest wakeboarding park in the Baltic States. The track is open for both novices and professionals. On the track you can try wakeboarding, water skiing and kneeboard. Also, next to the park
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