Water tourism
„WAKE-IN“ cable park
''WAKE-IN'' is a full circle track, 6 towers and a wakeboarding park, that is located on the wonderful lake Zarasas. The length of the track is almost 600 meters, and this is the largest wakeboarding park in the Baltic States. The track is open for both novices and professionals. On the track you can try wakeboarding, water skiing and kneeboard. Also, next to the park
Rural tourism homestead „Pasartėlė“
30 seats;  Equipment projector, screen, TV;  Basketball, volleyball, children playgrounds, traditonal bathhouse, water activities, bicycle rental, paintball. •  Water routs on canoe.
Catamaran „Zarasai“
Catamaran provides services from May until late September. Catamaran provides services daily from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m.
Rental of mobile tubs on wheels
Tired of endless work? Or maybe you want to relax and have fun with your loved ones? Our mobile hot tub will definitely help you escape from routine and everyday worries!   MB Buičia, located in Samaniai village, Zarasai district, offers you an unforgettable experience in hot tubs with a hydro massage system. We guarantee that you will feel like in a spa in your backyard! Not to mention
PO Zarasų žiedas
•    Triple powerful watercraft;  •    Eight-seated powerful boat;  •    Six-seated yacht;  •    Professional water skiing;  •    Inflatable tension wheel;  •    Water bike;  •    Rowing boatsi, kayaking.   
Village Vencavas
Newly located village is on a picturesque, one of the most clearest and cleanest lakes of Highland region.The shore of lake Vencavas is a favourite place for fishermen, professional and beginner divers to be. Crayfish capturing gives true pleasure and joy for holidaymakers. For guest services there are 5 bedrooms, spacious living room and a country sauna on the shore of the lake with a large te
UAB „Aukštaitijos canoe center“
•    Kayaking trips organization; •    Kayak rentals; •    Portable sauna and camping equipment hire.
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