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Green educational spaces of Zarasai Agricultural School

Zarasai Agricultural School, located near the city, invites all guests and residents of the city to admire its green educational spaces. They are adapted for school activities, but at the same time they are also a place for a walk. In the school yard you will find an impressive flower paradise, which is especially beautiful in June-September. The environment is decorated not only with carefully maintained flower gardens: here you will also find various metal sculptures - a huge ostrich, a ladybug, a gigantic spider and others. All this is the joint work of school teachers, staff and students interested in floristry and horticulture.


Zarasai Agricultural School actively participates in various competitions that evaluate the environment created and nurtured by the school, its influence and application possibilities for students. Many titles won guarantee: here you will see an exemplary managed environment and get ideas for your own green spaces.


Walking alone around the green educational spaces of the Zarasai Agricultural School, you will learn the names of the plants growing here, recorded on the tables. Larger groups can be given tours of the green educational spaces and school premises, which are carefully decorated by the school staff.


Zarasai Agricultural School
Šaltinė str. 46, Dimitriškiu village, 32100, Zarasu district.
Phone: 8-385-30502
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With children, District, Zarasai parish
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