Rental of premises for conferences, seminars, education
Directorate of Gražutė regional park
40 seats;  Equipment: computer, projector, screen, magnetic board, audio player, audio system; Opportunity to participate in theme excursions in this region  
Laboratory "Honey"
Innovarity valley offers cultural and educational establishments, social enterprises and newlaboratory "Honey".  The rent of apartment for realization of conferences, training,camps, seminars and meeting.  Posible also residence of participants of&nbs
Homestead "Prie Kumpuolio''
•    Accommodation (number of living houses - 4; number of vacancies - 30); •    WC and shower; •    Kitchen; •    Sauna and tub.
Homestead „Pasartėlė“
30 seats;  Equipment projector, screen, TV;  Basketball, volleyball, children playgrounds, traditonal bathhouse, water activities, bicycle rental, paintball.  
Guesthouse „Smalvos“
•    Accommodation (5 cottages, 7 rooms, number of vacancies – 30);  •    WC, shower; •    TV, wifi.   
UAB “Adomus” conference hall
Conference room for 50 persons. Equipment: air conditioning , stationar screen, magnetic board with pens and paper, audio system in ceiling, cloak-room; Dinner, coffee breaks being organised for additional payment.
Vasaknos manor
The Manor of Vasaknos is located on the shore of Lake Vasaknos - it is a special place, where everyone can touch the exclusive history of the manor - here every interior detail is magnificent luxury. The manor is suitable for festive banquets, business meetings or conferences. Eighteenth-century renovated barn is modern and original, with spacious sleeping rooms and food in his restaurant is su
30 seats;  Equipment: multimedia projector, laptop, conference stand, screen, video player, camera, video camera  Coffee beraks being held for additional payment
Zarasai agriculture school practical education centre
60 seats;  Entertainments: tennis court, table tennis, bathhouse, water activities; Opportunity to make food for yourselves.  
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