Memorable region of Zarasai city welcomes everyone with fabulous nature, cultural events, impressive places to visit. You should not be astonished when you hear sentences like: „the biggest lake in Lithuania – Drūkšiai lake“, „the oldest Oak in baltic area – Stelmužė oak“, „the only one observation bridge in Lithuania above Zarasas lake“, „Šlyninka water wind mill, which is a unique engineering heritage of more than three centuries with authentic equipment“, „Dusetos art gallery – the mansion of artists“, etc. You cannot only hear about this places, you must see it, feel it and get to know it...
Šarūno Saukos ir Nomedos Saukienės gallery
The newest tourist attraction in Zarasai - the Šarūnas Sauka and Nomeda Saukiene gallery has been opened since 05/27/2023 in one of the city's oldest buildings. It was opened after the implementation of the Zarasai Municipality project "Development and modernization of the Museum of the Zarasai region by establishing the Šarūno Saukos ir Nomedos Saukienės gallery  and developin
Antalieptė Ethnographic Museum
The founder of Antalieptė Ethnographic Museum is Algimantas Žilėnas. The museum was established in modest premises of Antalieptė secondary school. The area of the room, where the valuables were started to be collected, was only 18 square meters. The museum was led by history teachers for a very modest salary. Jonas Vitkauskas was the teacher who led the museum longest. In 1976, after liquidatio
Antazavė Manor Park
  Antazavė Manor Park was established at the end of eighteenth century. It is located between the manor and the lake in descending terraces, occupies an area of 5.5 ha. In front of the palace there is a parterre preserved to this day with paths and green spaces with a specific geometric plan. Four ponds and the Žalvės lake in the lower terrace decorate the park. Antazavė orphanage and seco
Obelisk to commemorate Saint Petersburg - Warsaw tract
In 1845, a cast-iron obelisk measuring 11.1m in height and with a stepped base (measuring 4.28 x 4.28m) was erected to commemorate the construction of the Daugavpils to Kaunas highway (part of the St Petersburg to Warsaw postal route). The front of the obelisk had a metal plaque on it with inscriptions in Russian and the coat of arms of the Russian empire. The monument was intended to commemorate
 Šaltupės chapel
Šaltupės chapel stood in the northern part of the Zarasai town, near Šaltupės street. The chapel was built in 1824 by Antanas Zarenbergas. It was made of brick, plastered and painted white. At the top, under a roof, there was a small arched opening, where a statue of Christ stood. People considered this statue being magical. There are different stories about how did the chapel appeared. The story
Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Neo-Baroque style church was build on the highest place of the town. It is rectangular single nave building. Two towers erected on the main facade, between a wavy section. Upper parts of the four stage towers are octagonal with baroque style domes, globular superstructures and openwork crosses, the openings in the facade and towers are of different sizes and shapes. There are three altars in the c
Zarasas lake observation wheel
If you are looking for a place where you can see a never-before-seen spectacular spectacle, and at the same time relax, visit the unique Zarasas observation wheel, which offers a panoramic view of Lake Zarasai. The building of exceptional architecture was opened in 2011. in autumn Its height is 17 meters, and the diameter of the ramp is as much as 34 meters. From the 100 m long static path, an
Centre of visitors of Gražutė regional park
Visitor Centre is equipped with an educational exhibition about the Nature. Here scientists and specialists provide information about nature and cultural heritage objects, park landscape and biological diversity, which will really surprise even a very experienced traveller. The exhibition presents the terrain formed by glaciers and protected by Lithuanian laws, complex riverhead of the Šventoji (H
Memorial museum of linguist Kazimieras Būga
The village of Pažiegė has a preserved farmstead on a plot of 1.5 hectares, which was founded in the middle of the nineteenth century. Until 1935, the mother of the linguist, Kazimieras Būga, lived there. After her death, the homestead passed to her relatives. In 1973, the Kazimieras Būga Memorial Museum was established at the western end of the building. Using authentic furniture and other items,
Cultural centre Dusetos Art Gallery
Dusetos Art Gallery - is an original district cultural centre, which attracts not only curious glimpses, but also encourages to unite all locally living and creating artists. In a modern gallery an exhibition of three-dimensional projections and exhibition of famous artist Šarūnas Sauka are set up.
Wood carver Erikas Čypas
Wood carver Erikas Čypas - certified folk artist, who founded Craft Centre, in which he creates unique wood carvings and organizes educational programs for those, who wants to learn to carve. Erikas Čypas is known as a lover of folk art, as well as widely known in his carvings, especially popular distaff. The personal exhibition of Erikas Čypas was held in Zarasai, Salakas, Kriaunos, Anykščia
The Monument of Independence in Zarasai
The obelisk was erected by the Pavasarininkai in 1924 to commemorate the volunteer soldiers who died for Lithuanian independence (1919-1920 m. Struggles for independence) The five-meter tall obelisk built of stone stands in Zarasai Catholic Cemetery on Turmantas street. The cross is erected on the top of it, another wooden cross is places in the wall niche, behind the glass.  
The Great Island of Zarasas lake
Covering an area of forty-four hectares, the Lake Zarasas Great Island is one of the largest in Lithuania. In the past it had other names, such as Anglija (England Island), and Draugystės (Friendship Island). Inventory documents mention a manor house which stood on the island in the middle of the eighteenth century. After this fell into disrepair its grounds were used as a town garden. During the
Sėliai Square
This is an urban monument, the value of which is determined by the specific plan of the regular system of radial and circumferential streets, and one particularly highlighted feature with regard to the whole composition, Sėliai square, where all the radial streets meet. This is the only city in Lithuania with such city plan, among the other places of the 19th century planned according to the examp
All Saints Orthodox church in Zarasai
The Orthodox Church in the city of Zarasai, then called Novoaleksandrovsk, was built in 1839 and named Priobraženija Gospodina. It contained several icons painted according to the Greek style, as well as a painting of the Holy Mother which belonged to the Suveikas Uniate monastery, which is considered miraculous and worshipped by Orthodox and Catholic believers alike. In 1869, after a visit by the
Degučiai cognitive path
Degučiai cognitive path is a great place to get acquainted with valuable nature and cultural heritage of Gražutė regional park. Path length - 3 kilometres, it has 13 stops. It is adapted for pedestrians, but visitors can also ride bikes, or take skis in the winter. Travellers may see Boreal owl or her hollow in Gražutė pine forest, learn about ground pines, lichens, spruces, find elk mane, climb D
Wood carver Gediminas Kairys
G. Kairys is engaged in wood carving for a long time. His articles includes: spoons of different sizes to mix cooked jam, to crumple the butter, chopping boards for vegetables, bread, meat and other products, rolling pins, a variety of patterned spindles and sticks, interesting folk masks, all of which the author sells at fairs, markets, many of his works went abroad. 
The exposition of old equipment for beer making of Ramūnas Čižas
Ramūnas Čižas - is a fourth generation brewer, who produces beer according to the family recipe dated 1863. R. Čižas - culinary heritage pioneer in Zarasai region. In the summer it is be possible to taste the dishes made of venison, wild boar, beaver, or wild birds. Only products made in Lithuania are used to prepare these dishes, they are prepared according to authentic ancient Lithuanian recipes
Centre of visitors of Sartai regional park
Visitor centre exhibition room is equipped with kiosks, video projectors, interactive stands. Sounds of nature are reproduced to achieve an immediate sense of the nature. On the monitors, which are present on the exposition wall, visitors can watch the video about the genesis of the Sartai Lake and learn about the symbol of the Regional Park - the Great crested grebe. Visitors will find detaile
Monument ,,Elniažuvė“
It is a memorial for Zarasai city 500 year anniversary. The monument was unveiled on 13th August 2006. Author - a sculptor, member of Lithuanian Artists' Association Henrikas Orakauskas. Sculpture symbolizes a coat of arms of Zarasai town and particularly depicts its natural resources.
Velikuškių II (an Island) mound
Velikuškės II (an Island) castle mound stands on the eastern end of Bradesiai (also known as Stintinės) Gulf shore, between the lake Zalvė and stream Zalvė, on the left bank of the stream. The mound is surrounded by water of the three sides, the fourth side - wet spot between the hills, so the mound is also known as the Island. The mound until now remained cultural layer, in which was found fra
Zarasaitis lake beach
The Lake Zarasatis peninsula has been known since the inter-war period in Lithuania. In 1933, when the town’s inhabitants became interested in watersports, one of the first open-air swimming pools in Lithuania to have a springboard was built on the shore of Lake Zarasaitis, near the source of the River Nikaja, near the ‘Aušros’ villa. Here, athletes used to prepare for various co
Zarasai old believers' church
Old Believers (Russian: Starovers) is a group of Russian religious dissenters who refused to accept the liturgical reforms imposed upon the Russian Orthodox Church by the patriarch of Moscow Nikon (1652–58). The present church in Zarasai was built between 1990 and 1992 and consecrated in 1992. Its wooden frame is constructed on a concrete base, using timbers from the former Polivarkas chu
Ilgašilis cognitive path
This path is one of the NATURA 2000 sites, which established for conservation of biological diversity and values created by the nature. The path is short - only 240 meters in length. Visitors taking a wooden path through the swamp can learn about protected swamp habitats, rare species of plants growing here, nature management works, which are carried out. Those interested in the natural heritage o
The stone of Napoleon
Near the burial mounds of Salakas at the left side of the road lies a stone with signs - Napoleon Stone. Legend tells us that during Napoleon march to Moscow he ate lunch on this stone and in memory of it he ordered to carve on it a bowl and eating utensils. In fact, Napoleon had never been in these places, and this legend is just a nice story. The stone is made of gray-pink granite and is 120x
Sartai Lake
Lake stretches in the area of 1332 hectares, it is unique in a hydrographic perspective: it consists of several branches. Therefore, no other Lithuanian lakes can catch up with Sartai on the abundance of branches. This lake has the longest coastline (79 km) and is the fifth-largest lake in Lithuania.  It has 6 islands. In Dusetos, on the shores of this lake, an attractive space for recreation
The Stelmužė Ecclesiastical Art Museum in Affiliate Church of the Holy Cross of Jesus Christ
The Church of the Holy Cross was built in 1650. The church is wooden and was constructed using only axes as tools, using neither saws nor iron nails. The interior of Stelmužė church was upholstered after 1713. There are quite a lot of valuable ornaments of Baroque style: bas-reliefs, high reliefs, sculptures, spiral columns, original wooden ornamentation, old religious paintings. From 1808 the chu
Place of former Stelmužė manor
Stelmužė manor is known since mid-16th century. Supposedly, before manor here was a castle. Although manor palace did not survived to our days, in one most interesting Aukštaitija region villages there are remains that witness boiling life in former manor. Manor, centuries back used to be flourishing in protestant environment, even today attracts groups of visitors from Lithuania and abroad. Visit
Tatar cemetery
There is no date when the cemetery was established, but it is still working till this day. This is the only Muslim cemetery in Aukštaitija.
Beach of Great Island Zarasai
As soon as you enter the Big Island of Zarasas Lake, you are greeted by the city's main beach, which is crowded with residents and guests of Zarasai on a hot summer day. In addition to the sandy beach, vacationers are welcomed by an active waterboarding and water park with water trampolines, slides, pleasure boats for families, and children's playgrounds. For the convenience of visitors, t
Museum of Zarasai region
Museum visitors can see the history of the region perpetuated in the old documents, fishing and hunting itemes and trophies, church literature, clothing, art works created by the fellow artist M. Šiletos, sacral sculptures, examples of the vintage fabrics and bedspreads, typical to this region. The museum is constantly running various temporary exhibitions, various cultural events, national holida
The Antalieptė Lagoon
The Antalieptė Lagoon lies in Zarasai district, on both sides of the highway Kaunas-Zarasai, in Gražutė Regional Park. The Lagoon was formed after blocking the Šventoji river 211 km from the mouth (45 km from the source) for Antalieptė hydroelectric in 1959. Antalieptė Lagoon is the second largest pond in Lithuania after Kaunas Lagoon. Antalieptė Lagoon is one of the most beautiful and cleanest wa
Antaliepte Church of the Discovery of the Holy Cross
The church has 3 towers, one nave, elongated symmetrical 23.8 x 7.2 m plan. On one axis there is a rectangular nave, then a narrower and lower presbytery, to the southeast - a tapering apse and even lower two floor sacristy (on the second floor there was a chapel for the monks). It is completed by a wavy shape staircase and a tower above it. Behind the presbytery at the end of the church there is
The Church of Divine Providence in Antazavė
In 1794 a wooden, baroque-style, rectangular, cross plan with three naves - Church of Divine Providence was built in Antazavė. It is 33 x 17 m in size and 24 m high. The church was built of lumber, planked with split and then hewn planks, which where nailed down with forged nails. Exterior of the church has complex shapes: in the central facade there is a portic with four wooden columns, the secon
The birthplace of Archbishop M. Reinys
The birthplace of Mečislovas Reinys was born in Madagaskaras village (formerly known as Bykov), people say, and that such name was given to the village by M. Reinys himself. The village has retained the homestead, where lived M. Reinys - the Archbishop of Kaunas, Vytautas Magnus University professor, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Independent Lithuania. Witnesses say, his birthplace was a nice
Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Aviliai
It is a wooden basilica type church with rectangular plan, with Baroque and folk architecture features and a tower. In 1875 the former chapel was renovated by Krivichi landlords from Vencavai. It was expanded and transformed into the church. Wooden Aviliai village church has a traditional shape - an oblong rectangle with a modest facade without portico. Triangular pediment is decorated with a s
Jaskoniškių cognitive path
The path meanders through a sandy pine forest, which for a long time has been known as Smalinyčia. Here you can see a hollow made by the black woodpecker, see the work done by forest "stewards" woodpeckers, and if you listen carefully for the voices of the birds accompanying you - you might hear the unheard songs. Cognitive path stands will help you to pay attention to some of the natura
Independence Monument in Salakas
It was built and unveiled on 28th of September 1930 to commemorate the 500 th anniversary of the death of Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytautas. Sculptor -  Mordechai Farbmann, he was assisted by Petras Jasinavičius, Mykolas Traigys and other residents of Salakas. The height of the podium and memorial - 5.31 m. In the north, south and west side of the podium there are stairs, there are colum
The shore of Sartai lake
The shore of Sartai lake near the centre of small town of Dusetos (around 700 m), is a fully structured, equipped beach, cabanas, swings, coast sown grass, equipped with benches, simulators.
Šlyninkos Water Mill
Šlyninkos Water Mill is a three centuries old unique technical heritage building with preserved authentic equipment. A lot can be done in the mill: it is possible to see the grain milling process, to buy grain, flour and locally baked bread. It is worth mentioning that the grain is shipped to the mill only from organic farms. A variety of necessary equipment is available in the mill: roller machin
Tiberiade community, St. Casimir church in Baltriškės
Not far from Zarasai there is Baltriškės village, where visitors can talk with Tiberias, a Catholic religious brotherhood from Belgium, who live here since 2001. Now it consist only of approximately 20 monks. Most of them are from in Belgium, several are on missions in the Congo and Philippines. The monastic life is characterized by a complete solitude, but it is evangelical. For their lives it is
Dusetos Sculpture Park
Sculpture Park was established in summer of 2008. The park is famous not only for it authors, but also for the oak, that grows there, planted by the Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus during his visit. Every year new works are erected during the annual festivities which are organised for local residents. The first sculptures were created by Dusetos artists, Virgilijus and Viol
Cognitive path "Oak"
This is the first cognitive path in Lithuania created on a private property in the Veprio landscape reserve. The goal of the cognitive path "Oak" is to acquaint visitors with the model forest management in a protected area, with forest and natural values and continuous processes that takes place in them. You will learn how to use the wood with minimal impact on different kinds of organis
The birthplace of the poet Paulius Širvys
Born in the village of Padustėlis in 1920, Paulius Širvys (actually named Povilas according to the parish register) was the author of the poetic masterpieces, ‘Aš - beržas’ (I am a birch tree), ‘Ir nusnesšė saulę miškai’ (And the sun was carried away by the forests), and ‘Ateisiu tylią naktį’ (I will come on a silent night). His parents were intelligent people.
Stelmužė oak
Stelmužė oak is Lithuania natural monument, one of the oldest oak trees in Europe and the oldest tree in Lithuania. It is believed that the age of the oak is 1000 - 1500 or even 2000 years. Oak is 23 m in height, 3.5 m in diameter and 13 m in girth on the ground level (8-9 men are needed to fully embrace the trunk). Stelmužė oak - is a tree which has seen a lot during his life. Lithuanian dukes
Place of Apparition of St. Mary The Virgin at lake Ilgis
At the midnight of July 30th of 1967, Juozas Kriauklys (15 years old) and his cousin Albina Skvarčinskaitė (16 years old) were riding home on motorcycle. Suddenly they saw the light on Ilgis lake and when they were riding over bridge, on rotten pole they saw spectacularly beautitul girl. Teenagers got scared, motorcycle engine got choked, so motorcycle made short distance on with engine off and th
Dusetos St. Trinity Church
This wooden church in Dusetos had been erected by 1519. In 1530 J Radziwill donated property to the Dusetos parish. The parish priest had to maintain the school, which Radziwill had established by 1530 (a new, larger school was built in the seventeenth century). In 1774, it was rebuilt by Count J L Plater, the owner of Dusetos Manor. The angular building was made of wood, featuring two high towers
Stone of the Plains
The Stone of the Plains is hiding in the woods near the Stelmužė manor site. Its length - 18m, and it is believed that it can be even larger than Puntukas, because the biggest part of it lays under ground, and the stone is not yet explored by archaeologists. The stone surface is very large. It is said, that the hunters used to gather here to discuss their affairs. It has its own legend. According
Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Sorrows
Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Sorrows is neo-romantic style church, with neo-gothic features. It is a rectangular basilica with a semicircular apse, with two side sacristies, and one tower. It has three naves, which are covered by cross vaults, and three altars. The churchyard fence - stone masonry. The building is of extraordinary constructional valour. Although the church interior is mode
Šavaša cognitive path
The first and only geological path in Lithuania, the length - 1.5 km. The path is situated in Gražutė Regional Park, Šavaša Landscape Reserve, along the Šavaša river, which flows into the old riverbed of the Šventoji river. In order to visit the path, on arrival from Daugailiai (Utena district) to Antalieptė, just before the bridge across the river, turn right. Rising in to the hill along the Šven
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