Catering in Zarasai
Café - bar "Idilija"
Here you can order traditional Lithuanian dishes. Furthermore, you can order one bite appetizers for your feasts.
Café "Svaja"
Here you can eat cheap and delicious lithuanian food.
Restaurant "Monopolis"
This restaurant is located in the centre of the town. From its terrace stunning views of the lake Zarasas can be observed. Restaurant "Monopolis", in addition to many others, can boast about a unique dish offered to visitors - a rare vendace fish belonging to the family of salmonids, caught in Zarasas lake. Vendace in this restaurant is served salted with boiled potatoes.
Snack bar "Jaras&J”
Here you can enjoy kebabs, burgers, hot chilly soup, fries, ice cream and other fast food.  
Snack bar "Pas močiutę”
Here you can taste some delicious home made food.  
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