Restaurants, coffee houses offer you a great deal of traditional menu, although, you should try gastronomic heritage meals, which are made by ancient recipes and technologies: wholemeal wheat flour bread, beer by XIX century recipes, fish, cheese and other unique Zarasai region meals.
Snack bar "Zarasuose"
Here you can taste some delicious home made food.  
Bar - bistro "Du drambliai"
Slightly distant from Zarasai,  bistro – bar „Du drambliai“ is opened from now on. For one who are in the rush we offer to have a lunch by bistro principles – You choose, You pay, You take, You have Your lunch. And for those who are willing to spare some time, we prepared a menu. We also like to celebrate with You birthdays and every other significant for You dat
Bistro Zarasai
Takeaway food is prepared on site. Pizza is the most popular , but we also have other dishes that we make fresh ourselves. Stop by for pizza, salad, soup, schnitzel, grilled chicken and grilled local fresh carp.   Phone for orders: +37064142000   Address: Vytauta st. 10, Zarasai
Brut Wine Restaurant
Brut Wine restaurant - for those looking for exceptional food and a cozy, quiet environment. We offer our guests dishes grilled on a charcoal grill: beef entrecote, pepper cutlet, duck breast, fish, seafood... We have something to please fans of Asian cuisine, and for dessert, grilled fruit or lava cake. Only here you can exclusively find all the wines and spirits produced by Gintaras Sinas. We ha
Café - bar "Idilija"
Here you can order traditional Lithuanian dishes. Furthermore, you can order one bite appetizers for your feasts.
Café "Duserta"
Here you can taste homemade food.
Café "Svaja"
Here you can eat cheap and delicious lithuanian food.
Lietaus sodai
Shop-cafe Lietaus sodai - a place where you can eat and shop: In the cafe, you can have a quick and high-quality meal, drink a glass of Gintaro Sino wine, and taste locally made desserts and snacks. We are also Gintaro Sino's branded wine shop with the widest range they produce, we sell quality and interesting gourmet cheeses, hams, olives, bake bread, make desserts and press oil. If
Catering services in Dusetos
Individual activity of Ilona Laučienė (food production according to individual orders)
Services of feed for the guests of "Valley of innovators"
A local cook prepares healthy and quality food, having regard to the special necessities of participants (a price includes three hot dishes and two coffee-breakes)
We present to you the grill bar in Zarasai. This will be your new food story, which we will create with experience and love for you. The smoky dishes will not leave you indifferent, the modern and casual atmosphere will be your favorite place this summer! Pay attention - RestoBazar - you will want to come back here again and again! More information: Click here  
Restaurant "Monopolis"
This restaurant is located in the centre of the town. From its terrace stunning views of the lake Zarasas can be observed. Restaurant "Monopolis", in addition to many others, can boast about a unique dish offered to visitors - a rare vendace fish belonging to the family of salmonids, caught in Zarasas lake. Vendace in this restaurant is served salted with boiled potatoes.Here you can tas
Šlyninka watermill cafe
Here you can taste some traditional lithuanian foods such as pancakes made from local whole grain flour, kvass.Here you can taste legendary Cepelinai and other Lithuanian dishes.    
Café of the guest house "Smalvas"
In the guest house "Smalvas" there is a restaurant - bar with two rooms, each of which can accommodate up to 50 people. Here you can have a good meal and a good time in a quiet setting, surrounded by miraculous nature, near big cozy fireplaces. Large rooms equipped with excellent musical equipment, thus all types of banquets, weddings, themed evenings, conferences and so on, can be organ
JSC „EMERTA“ snail farm
JSC “EMERTA“ grows, recycles and produces products of African (Helix Aspersa Maxima) snails. Company is located in northeastern Lithuania, Zarasai district, nearby Salakas. Helix Aspersa Maxima snails is high quality food product, which includes a lot of proteins. Very valuable delicacy. It is tasty and healthy meat product with no fats and cholesterol. Food products of snail meat are
Snack bar "Jaras&J”
Here you can enjoy kebabs, burgers, hot chilly soup, fries, ice cream and other fast food.  
Vasaknos Manor
The Manor of Vasaknos was purchased and established by Jonas Radvila I, castellan of Trakai, in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Later the manor was owned by Lithuania lands marshal Jonas Radvila and his brother Mikalojus Radvila Juodasis. In 1719 Vasaknos estate was taken over by Count Platers, and in 1828 by earl Jonas-Mykolas Tiškevičius. Next to the manor there was a park with five ponds and walk
Cafe "La Ravioli Zarasai“
Are you looking for a place for your celebration, classmate or family reunion? Do you want to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, you need not only a delicious meal, but also space for dancing and games? Do you have special requests, for example, to hold presentations or international conferences with overnight accommodation for participants, and are you looking for suitable premises? Then we of
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