„WAKE-IN“ cable park
''WAKE-IN'' is a full circle track, 6 towers and a wakeboarding park, that is located on the wonderful lake Zarasas. The length of the track is almost 600 meters, and this is the largest wakeboarding park in the Baltic States. The track is open for both novices and professionals. On the track you can try wakeboarding, water skiing and kneeboard. Also, next to the park
Zarasai auto racing club „Akseleratorius“
•    Vehicle speed sports entertainment on the special sections; •    Sports car rental; •    Extreme driving; •    Ride with sports instructors; •    Car driving skills improvement on the track.
Zarasai youth  watersport club
•    Diving;  •    Water skiing;  •    Catamaran pulled parachute;  •    Catamaran snorkel trips;  •    Water hike in the Antalieptės lagoon.
Zarasai agriculture school practical education centre
Entertainments: tennis court, table tennis, bathhouse, water activities; Opportunity to make food for yourselves.  
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