There are more than fifty accommodation services for tourists, who are visiting Zarasai region. Take a break from city noise and feel a beauty of nature in one of rural tourism homesteads or campsites. Guesthouses are waiting for Zarasai city tourists at any time and season.
Spacious and sunny rustic apartment
Surrounded by forests and lakes, the charming high-ceiling apartment provides an exceptionally calm and cosy retreat, alongside a broad range of activities at a hands-reach. Wooden floor and recreated French doors play up a pleasant historic vibe of our century-old 75 sq. m. home. South-west facing windows allow you to sleep till midday and enjoy warm sunlight in the afternoon. Far from city light
Kęstutis Račinskas‘ homestead
From May to October the following services are provided: •    Accommodation (2 living houses: number of bedrooms – 4, number of vacancies – 12); •    Kitchen, WC, shower; •    TV, Internet.  
Homestead „Šerno slėnis“
Surrounded by forests, the newly located rural tourism homestead "Šerno slėnis" near Lake "Čičiris" invites families or groups of friends to relax in a newly equipped rest house and sauna, enjoy a tub with massage water jets, admire the impressive nature, view of the lake and break away from the daily routine. . The homestead is surrounded by forests, where you can find both mu
Homestead  “Un Sartų”
A beautiful and eye-pleasing view, the sky-blue shore of Lake Sartai, pure air, refreshment for the soul and peace, surrounded by the Sartų Regional Park, await you at the "Un Sartų" homestead. You can stay in a log house with three apartments. The cozy log house is suitable for family vacations or gatherings of friends. You can rest in rooms with separate entrances from outside. So when
Homestead ''Alisa kviečia''
Homestead ''Alisa kviečia'' (Alisa invites)   Accommodation: Number of rooms - 1 Number of beds - 8 Free services: a gazebo, a place for a fire, a kebab place For an additional pay - sauna.
Homestead „Antalieptės marios“
•    Accommodation (number of bedrooms – 9, number of vacancies - 18); •    WC; •    Ballroom for 70 persons; •    Sauna.  
Antalieptė campsite
Campsite is located 400 meters away from Antalieptė, on northern Antalieptės reservoir shore. This is the end of water route „Via Šventoji riverhead“. Campsite is under supervision of Antalieptė parish. 
Apartments in the city center
Newly furnished 2-room apartment for rent in Zarasai city center. Equipped kitchen with all necessary household appliances, inner yard, parking space, children's playground, 500 m. to Lake Zarasas, 800 m. to the waterboard and trampoline park, 300 m. to the restaurant, 100 m. to the Central city square. Apartments are reserved after payment. Payment via bank transfer. Lease agreements ar
Apartments „Zarasuose“
•    Accommodation (4 rooms, number of vacancies – 7);  •    WC, shower, kitchen; •    Wifi, TV. Additional programs: •    Breakfast on request.
Asavas campsite
With renewed infrastructure, it is largest and one of most popular campsites in Gražutė regional park. Campsite is located on northern shore of Asavas lake. Campsite is 6 kilometers from Salakas and is reachable via road Salakas – Zarasai (through Rūsteikiai). Campsite is under supervision of directorate of  Gražutė regional park. 
Homestead „Atostogos Grybiškėje“
•    Accommodation (2 houses, 4 bedrooms, number of vacancies - 11); •    Kitchen, WC, shower, TV; •    Fireplace, arbour; •    Russian sauna; •    Motorboat.  
 Homestead „Ausla“
•    Accommodation (4rooms, number of vacancies - 15);  •    WC, shower; •    Sauna; •    Arbour.  
•    Place for tents, parking lot for cars and auto campers; •    Possibility to use kitchen equipment, electrical socket.  
B. Žukauskienė's homestead
The homestead is located in Zarasai city center, surrounded by lakes from all sides.
Homestead „Baravykų kaimas“
This rural tourism homestead is located in a beautiful nature and it is perfectly suitable for peaceful relaxation with family.
Homestead „Bebrynė prie Luodžio“
•    Accommodation in house (3 rooms, number of vacancies – 13); accommodation in two little houses (number of vacancies – 8); overall number of vacancies – 21; •    WC and shower (with heated floors); TV; fireplaces inside of little houses; •    Conference room for 24 persons. Additional information: • 
Bradesiai campsite
GPS: 55.832177, 25.870324
Homestead “Brasta”
Homestead “Brasta” stationed in Zarasai district, surrounded by a scenic and picturesque lake Avilys, is perfect for family holidays or a company of friends (sleeping spots for up to 18 people). The lake is less than 50 meters away from the lodge and is easily accessible through a tidy shoreline and a fishing dock. The lodge and the sauna have huge terraces with a wonderful view of the
Brut Wine Hotel
4 cozy double rooms are newly furnished in the center of Zarasai. All rooms have WC, spacious shower cabins, TV, Wi-Fi, mini bars, hair dryers and other necessary items for your stay. One of the rooms can accommodate an additional guest or two children. South-facing rooms have built-in air conditioners, so a calm and refreshing rest is guaranteed. In the same building, there is a wine shop "L
Homestead „Butkeliai“
•    Accommodation (2 rooms, number of vacancies – 6); •    WC, shower; •    Fireplace, sauna.
''Cheslovas'' homestead
Accommodation (number of rooms - 4, number of beds - 9);    - toilet, shower, kitchen;    - The Internet;    - near to the lake Balto (White lake);
Homestead „Čičiriai“
•    Accommodation (7 rooms, number of vacancies – 25); •    WC; shower; •    Fireplace, TV.  
Homestead „Čičirynė“
•    Accommodation (3 rooms, number of vacancies – 10); •    WC; kitchen; •    Ballroom; •    Sauna.
Homestead of Dainius Spirikavičius
•    Accommodation (11 rooms, number of vacancies – 22); •    WC; shower; •    Ballroom (number of vacancies – 22); •    Sauna.  
Homestead of Dalia Stacevičienė
From May to September the following services are provided: •    Accommodation (6 rooms, number of vacancies – 26); •    WC; shower; kitchen.  
 Degučiai campsite
Degučiai campsite is located on northern Samanis lake shore, near Degučiai town, on first road‘s Degučiai – Salakas  kilometer. This is the beginning of Degučiai educational path, so here You have posibility not only to rest, but to get to know about values of Gražutė regional parka s well. Campsite is under supervision of Degučiai parish.
Kalbutiškis I campsite
GPS: 55.780988, 25.783719
Zabieška campsite
GPS: 55.774789, 25.811493
Homestead of Edmundas Banys
From may to october the following services are provided: •    Accommodation (2 rooms, number of vacancies – 6); •    WC; shower; •    Fireplace, kitchen, sauna; •    Rental of boats and fishing equipment.
''Deer dream''
•    Accommodation (2 living houses: number of rooms in every house - 4; overall number of vacancies - 8; 1 summber house: number of rooms - 3; overall number of vacancies - 7; Living house in Užtiltė village: overall number of vacancies - 5); •    Shower, fireplace inside, WC inside; •    Sauna, separate kitchen.
Rural tourism homestead "Galminiai"
1st floor:  Resting room with kitchen; Number of vacancies - 4; Shower; WC; Terrace. 2nd floor: Rest room with kitchen; Number of vacancies - 5; Shower; WC; Relax room.    
Homestead Gilės Namai
Stelmužė is located 14 km north of Zarasai, right next to the state border of Lithuania and Latvia (1.5 km away). A winding and mountainous road leads from Zarasai to Stelmuže. The village is famous for the big Stelmužė oak. The standing wooden church of Stelmužė (built in 1650, an architectural monument, it houses a folk sculpture museum) with an 18th-century belfry, there is a park with a mau
Glamping Zarasai
Let the morning begin...   Glamping Zarasai gives you the opportunity to wake up surrounded by nature, near the Antalieptė lagoon, in the fresh air, listening to the songs of the birds and enjoying your morning coffee...   Peaceful rest for two in nature...   Glamping tent - dome is a perfect place to relax in nature, without experiencing unpleasant sensations and
Homestead „Griežto g. 5“
•    Accommodation (6 rooms, number of vacancies – 20);  •    WC, shower.  Additional programs: •    Sauna; •    Fishing in the pond. 
Swan valley
• arbor; • billiard; • sauna; • campfire; • sport courts.
Jaskoniškės I campsite
GPS: 55.774397, 25.823223
Jaukus kampelis
3 double bedrooms, shower, WC. Free Wi-Fi is available during your stay. The apartment has a TV, a microwave oven, and a refrigerator. Secure and private parking is available. 200 meters to the beach and 350 meters to the city center.   For more information: Click here
Jūratė‘s Budrienė‘s rural tourism homestead
•    Accommodation in small house (number of vacancies – 10); •    Kitchen with fridge and microwave oven; •    WC, shower; •    Hall, fireplace; •    TV, music player; •    Swimming place, footbridge; •    Children playground, swing. Additional
Kavoliai campsite
GPS: 55.777496, 25.779471
Camping „Zarasai"
IN 2023, THE CAMPING WILL START WORK FROM MAY 1. Product name Time Price 1. At the "Zarasai" campsite, overnight service in a room for a bed with bed linen on the second floor of the administrative building, the possibility of using hot and cold water, a kitchen 1 per person/day 20,00
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