There are more than fifty accommodation services for tourists, who are visiting Zarasai region. Take a break from city noise and feel a beauty of nature in one of rural tourism homesteads or campsites. Guesthouses are waiting for Zarasai city tourists at any time and season.
Laboratory "Honey"
Innovarity valley offers cultural and educational establishments, social enterprises and newlaboratory "Honey".  The rent of apartment for realization of conferences, training,camps, seminars and meeting.  Posible also residence of participants of&nbs
Homestead of Jurgis and Ieva Lapėnai
•    Accommodation (6 rooms, number of vacancies – 16); •    Kitchen; •    Shower, WC; •    Homestead residents can use boat.  
Trimoniai homestead
•    Accommodation (number of rooms - 5; number of vacancies - 25); •    WC, shower; •    Kitchen; •    Sauna.   
Mekų slėnis - cottage with sauna
A house built in 2016 is for rent - a separate homestead (you will rest on the territory without outsiders) by the Antalieptė lagoon, in the Gražutė regional park, in the village of Skeldė, in the Zarasai district, 130 km from Vilnius. Only 30 km to Utena, 41 km to Daugavpils. For your convenience, Wi-Fi is available in the homestead, the terrace of the house and the windows of the rooms offer
Mekai' homestead
Rural tourism homestead is locate in territory of Gražutė regional regional park on shore of abundant of fishes Antalieptė pond. It is suitable distant place for peaceful rest and fishing.    
Michailas Novikovas‘ homestead
From May to November the following services are provided: •    Accommodation (4 rooms; number of vacancies - 8);  •    WC outside, sauna: •    Ballroom for 20 persons  
Guesthouse „Nakviša“
In the center of Zarasai, not far from the Great Island, where concerts and international events are held every year, there is a three-star guest house "Naqvisha". In our cozy four-room guest house can accommodate up to 19 guests. The rooms of the classical style have free wifi, cable TV. Every room has bathroom with shower, hair dryer, in the rooms you will also find a refrigerator
Lodging for the night is in the monastery of Barefoot Carmelites
Monastery of barefoot carmelites gives an accommodation.
Cottage house near Chichirio
Cottage house near Chichirio is available for guests in tourism season time.
NerDas villa SPA & Resort
An oasis for two people, in separate, cozy, wood-scented villas. All three private villas are equipped so that nothing is needed for your rest. Inside you will find double beds with bed linen, a toilet and a shower with towels, bathrobes, disposable slippers and toiletries. The villas are also equipped with kitchenettes with all the utensils and tools needed for cooking, barbecues, spit tops an
Homestead of Nida Šedienė
From May to September the following services are provided: •    Accommodation (2 rooms, number of vacancies – 6);  •    WC, kitchen.  Additional programs: •    Sauna;
•    Place for camping; •    Arbour on lake shore, fireplaces; •    Boats, water bicycles.  
Senasis ežeras
Two modern two-bed rooms with kitchens, air conditioners, WC, showers, cable TV, Internet.
Homestead „Paštys“
•    Accommodation (5 living houses; number of vacancies - 30); •    Shower, WC; •    Ballroom for 20 persons.  
Homestead of Petras Bartaška
From May to October the following services are provided: •    Accommodation (2 rooms; number of vacancies - 14); •    WC, shower; •    Sauna; •    Ballroom for 50 persons.  
Homestead „Plaukiojančios salos“
Modern homestead with all conveniences is located in vivid distant grange near forest on Duvenėlis lake shore.   For more information: Press here
Homestead „Polivarkai“
•    Accommodation (number of bedrooms – 4; number of vacancies – 8); •    WC and shower; •    Kitchen; •    Sauna.    
Homestead „Prie Auslo“
Rest house near Auslas lake on Nikaja river shore. Homestead is perfectly suitable for family vacation.
Guest house "At the oak"
Guest house "At the oak" Located in Zarasai, you will be able to stay with pets and enjoy free Wi-Fi in the "At the oak" guest house. The couples especially like the place. We look forward to hearing from you.
Homestead „Prie Sidabrinės“
From May to December the following services are provided: •    Accommodation (number of rooms – 2, number of vacancies – 8); •    Salon with fireplace; •    WC and shower; •    Sauna; •    Outdoor activities.
Homestead „Prie sidabrinės eglės“
From May to September the following services are provided:  •    Accommodation (4 rooms, number of vacancies – 17);  •    WC, shower, kitchen; •    Internet, TV. Additional programs: •    Boat; •    Recreation zone, BBQ; •    Guide services. 
Romualdas Jasiukas‘ homestead
•    Accommodation (number of bedrooms – 4, number of vacancies – 12); •    WC, shower, sauna; •    Ballroom for 20 persons.  
Sabalunkų campsite
The campsite is located on the southern shore of Lake Luodis, near Salakas. You can reach the campsite by driving along the road Salakas - Dūkštas. There is a boat launch and a parking lot here. There is also a kayak pier and outdoor infrastructure adapted for people with mobility disabilities. The campsite is supervised by Gražutė Regional Park +37038559426
Salakas campsite
Campsite is located on western Luodis lake shore, 700 meters away from Salakas. In campsite there are basketball court, outdoor stage, WC, arbors, parking lot. Campsite is under supervision of Salakas parish. 
Homestead „Senasis ežeras“
 -  Accommodation (up to 10 persons)  -  sauna, BBQ facilities, boat   -  WC, shower.
Homestead „Sigitos sodyba“
Do you miss a quiet and safe rest in a beautiful place, fresh air? Want to enjoy fishing? We invite you to visit this homestead! Only 60 m to the lake, nearby carp and trout ponds - every fisherman's dream! Good access at any time of the year.
Homestead  Šilo namas
3 km from Zarasai center. To the nearest lake (Baltas lake - Zarasaitis lake bay) - about 200m. Public swimming place, beach suitable for children - gradually deepening, sand. The house is also suitable for living in the cold season.
Campsite is located on north-eastern Skaidrys lake shore, by the road Zarasai – Vilnius. In campsite there are new infrastructure, landscaped entrance, parking lots. Campsite is under supervision of Ignalina forests management. 
Homestead „Anūkėlis“
•    Accommodation (5 rooms, number of vacancies – 25); •    WC, shower; •    Kitchen; •    Ballroom for 30 persons; •    Rental of boats and fishing equipment.
Cottage Ėglis
If you`re tired of the irritating and noisy streets of the city or you’re just looking for a way to reconnect with nature and enjoy beautiful and peaceful surroundings, this is the place for you. Here you will be able to experience village-like lifestyle while not having to sacrifice the comfort we`re so used to in our day-to-day life. It’s a perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the
Homestead „Mažasis Vencavas“
A newly built small homestead for 4 people with its own private territory, which will give you a unique impression of feeling the breath of the lake, the roar of the waves, the fresh whistling of the wind, and peace. You will feel it even while resting in bed, when you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the morning. The homestead has everything you need dishes, pots, cutlery, skewers, a po
Homestead „Pasartėlė“
•    Accommodation (3 houses, number of vacancies – 16); •    WC and shower; •    Sauna and „tub“; •    Activities: children playground, water bicycle, kayaks, fishing, surfboards; •    Rental of boats.   For more information: press here
Homestead „Po Ažuolu“
For those who like to relax in nature, we invite you to stay at the farmstead "Po ažuolu" in a two-story house for rent with equipped open terraces. There is a gazebo with an outdoor fireplace next to the house. You will be able to enjoy a quiet and undisturbed vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. The territory is spacious, there is a lot of greenery, there is a s
Homestead „Po žvaigždėtu dangumi“
  Rural tourism homestead „Po žvaigždėtu dangumi“ – grange in Zarasai district, Sartai regional park, near to the lake Zalvė. It is homestead surrounded by nature, suited for peaceful rest. Guests are welcome all year round. It is great place to the ones looking for peace and privacy. So everyone who wants to rest from city rush, recover in fresh air, take a walk
Homestead „Prie Vencavo“
Modern house in ancient style with country sauna on the shore of lake Vencavas. In the corner of beautiful nature there are three bedrooms for the guests with a view to the lake, a spacious living room and a country sauna. For your entertainment we can offer volleyball, basketball, badminton courts, a boat for free.Our village is an amazing place both for a calm holiday with your family and fun fe
Homstead „Vencavas“
This newly located homestead on the picturesque shore of Lake Vencavas, one of the clearest and cleanest in Eastern Aukštaitija, will not let vacationers get bored. This is fishing, crabbing, underwater diving, swimming. There are also beautiful forests around the homestead where you can pick mushrooms and berries. These entertainments will bring joy, pleasure and wonderful moments that will make
Campsite near Auslas lake
•    Places for tent; •    Outdoor infrastructure; •    Boat, swimming place; •    Sauna.  
Campsite „Kumpuoliukas“
Relaxation in a quiet, beautiful environment suitable for the whole family. Campsite "Kumpuoliukas" is located in a large private, safe area near Lake Kumpuoliukas. Here you will find a large gazebo, you can go boating, and you can cook the most delicious food in the fireplace. There is also an outdoor swimming pool, a bridge, a playground, firewood. Here you will be greeted by absolu
Guesthouse „Salakas“
•    Accommodation (6 rooms for two persons, 1 room for three persons and 3 rooms for four persons); •    WC, TV; •    Ballroom for 50 persons;
Guesthouse „Smalvos“
•    Accommodation (5 cottages, 7 rooms, number of vacancies – 30);  •    WC, shower; •    TV, wifi.   
Guesthouse „Zarasai“
• Accommodation (triple, four-seated, five-seated rooms with a common bathrooms and kitchens, number of vacancies – 80); • Located in the city centre.
Homestead „Švento“
•    Accommodation (number of rooms - 6, number of vacancies – 20); •    WC and shower;  •    Kitchen, fireplace.  
Valentas Pošius rural tourism homestead
About us "Grazutė Regional Park is a unique corner of nature and unique beauty in the eastern part of Lithuania. This is the place you are dreaming of all year round." Located in the Antalieptė lagoon hydrographic reserve, surrounded by lakes, you will find Valento Pošiaus rural tourism homestead, where you have an excellent opportunity to escape from the city noise, congestion, sh
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