There are more than fifty accommodation services for tourists, who are visiting Zarasai region. Take a break from city noise and feel a beauty of nature in one of rural tourism homesteads or campsites. Guesthouses are waiting for Zarasai city tourists at any time and season.
Valentas Pošius rural tourism homestead
About us "Grazutė Regional Park is a unique corner of nature and unique beauty in the eastern part of Lithuania. This is the place you are dreaming of all year round." Located in the Antalieptė lagoon hydrographic reserve, surrounded by lakes, you will find Valento Pošiaus rural tourism homestead, where you have an excellent opportunity to escape from the city noise, congestion, sh
Vasaknos manor
The Manor of Vasaknos is located on the shore of Lake Vasaknos - it is a special place, where everyone can touch the exclusive history of the manor - here every interior detail is magnificent luxury. The manor is suitable for festive banquets, business meetings or conferences. Eighteenth-century renovated barn is modern and original, with spacious sleeping rooms and food in his restaurant is su
Campsite „Velikuškės“
Campsite is located near Sartai lake and is for everyone who is looking for peaceful rest.
Homestead „Versmelė“
From May to October the following services are provided: •    Accommodation (number of rooms - 7; number of vacancies - 18);  •    WC inside / outside, fireplace; •    Sauna.  
Guesthouse „Vijuandra“
•    Accommodation (8 rooms, number of vacancies – 17);  •    WC, shower, kitchen. Additional programs: •    Breakfast; •    Massage, face procedures. 
Žagarinė campsite
Campsite is located on eastern Luodis lake shore. You can reach campsite via road Salakas – Dūkštas. In Didžiasalis settlement need to turn at sign „Šventosios vandens trasa“ (Šventosios water route). Campsite is under supervision of Ignalina forests management. 
Practical teaching centre of Zarasai agriculture school
Throug centre's windows opens spectacular view to lake's islands, cozy surrounds decorated with orchard and sand beach. Facilities are suitable to commemorate all types of occasion and festivities. Active sport availabilities are attractive for groups of students, tourists, sportmen. School communities can organise education, sport activities, campsites. In practival teaching garden a
Homestead „Nakučiai“
Accommodation (3 rooms, number of vacancies – 10); •    WC, shower; •    Ballroom for 14 persons; •    Sauna.  
Guesthouse „Banga“
Guesthouse is located in Zarasai town resort, nearby Griežtas lake and Nikaja river. „Banga“ was established in 1997 and for all the guests there are offered to stay in cozy rooms and enjoy their visit.  
„WAKE-INN“ Beach Huts
Cozy and exclusive four-person residential Camping Pod cabins on the shore of the lake, on the Big Island of Lake Zarasas! And all entertainment in one place!   Services: - 2 cafes with terraces - Internet - Beach volleyball and basketball courts - Sandy beach - Waterboarding equipment and leisure goods store; - New and tidy common WC/Showers (only for the residents of
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