Pakačinės (Demba) mound

The hillfort, which bears the hallmarks of being part of the Brushed Pottery culture, is located about 2km north-west of Antazavė, about 7km north-east of Dusetai, 1km south of the village of Pakačinė, and 1km east of the Dembai ‘individual farm’. According to Petras Tarasenka, it is a ceremonial hillfort which dates from the period between the first millennium BC and the fifth century AD. It is similar to the Finnish ritual hillforts of what is known as the Djakovo type. The slopes of Pakačinė Hillfort are steep, reaching a height of between ten to eleven metres. The northern slope is lower at 3.5m high. There is a small embankment at the foot of the hillfort. The site’s diameter is 35m. In 1933, Petras Tarasenka surveyed 30m² of its western edge. During the excavations, a cultural layer was discovered which was 1.5m in depth, and which contained numerous archaeological finds.


Address: Sartai Regional Park, Antazavė parish
GPS coordinates: 55.813775, 25.88512
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District, With children, Antazavė parish
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