Antazavė Manor Park


Antazavė Manor Park was established at the end of eighteenth century. It is located between the manor and the lake in descending terraces, occupies an area of 5.5 ha. In front of the palace there is a parterre preserved to this day with paths and green spaces with a specific geometric plan. Four ponds and the Žalvės lake in the lower terrace decorate the park. Antazavė orphanage and secondary boarding school were established in the territory of the park after WWII. Next to the school a square with geometric plan, rich with plants was set up.

Eight introduced species of trees and shrubs are growing in in the landscape part of the park, and even 35 near the school. Species include Gray Firs, Macedonian and mountain pines, Japanese magnolias, Western Redcedar of various decorative forms, Canadian Hemlock, nest-shaped simple spruce, decoratively shaped Mountain Elm. Ornate flower gardens and recreational areas are set up in front of the school and in parterre part of the manor. The canal of the park consists of local tree species: plain maple, small-leaved lime common ash, mountain elm, plain oak, common elm.

School administration takes care about environmental management and maintenance. In 1986 the park was registered as local natural monument.


Address: Dvaro st. 19, Antazavė
GPS coordinates: 55.808391, 25.926034
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Antazavė parish, With children, District
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