Guesthouses and hostels
Guesthouse „Banga“
Guesthouse is located in Zarasai town resort, nearby Griežtas lake and Nikaja river. „Banga“ was established in 1997 and for all the guests there are offered to stay in cozy rooms and enjoy their visit.  
Guesthouse „Nakviša“
In the center of Zarasai, not far from the Great Island, where concerts and international events are held every year, there is a three-star guest house "Naqvisha". In our cozy four-room guest house can accommodate up to 19 guests. The rooms of the classical style have free wifi, cable TV. Every room has bathroom with shower, hair dryer, in the rooms you will also find a refrigerator
Lodging for the night is in the monastery of Barefoot Carmelites
Monastery of barefoot carmelites gives an accommodation.
Homestead „Paukščių sala“
•    Accommodation; •    Water attractions; motor boat, windsurfing boards, yachts, boats, fishing equipment, water bicycles. Additional information: •    Sauna; •    Possibility to fish in a pond. 
Hostel „Prie Zarasaičio“
•    Accommodation (4 rooms; number of vacancies - 8); •    WC, shower, kitchen; •    Wifi, TV; •    Nearby the Zarasaitis lake.  
Guesthouse „Salakas“
•    Accommodation (6 rooms for two persons, 1 room for three persons and 3 rooms for four persons); •    WC, TV; •    Ballroom for 50 persons;
Guesthouse „Smalvos“
•    Accommodation (5 cottages, 7 rooms, number of vacancies – 30);  •    WC, shower; •    TV, wifi.   
Guesthouse „Zarasai“
• Accommodation (triple, four-seated, five-seated rooms with a common bathrooms and kitchens, number of vacancies – 80); • Located in the city centre.
Guesthouse „Vandens lelija“
For those who missed  active and peaceful relaxation in a beautiful nature. 
Practical teaching centre of Zarasai agriculture school
Throug centre's windows opens spectacular view to lake's islands, cozy surrounds decorated with orchard and sand beach. Facilities are suitable to commemorate all types of occasion and festivities. Active sport availabilities are attractive for groups of students, tourists, sportmen. School communities can organise education, sport activities, campsites. In practival teaching garden a
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