Pradžia places of interest top tourist attractions in zarasai Obelisk to commemorate Saint Petersburg - Warsaw tract
Obelisk to commemorate Saint Petersburg - Warsaw tract
A. Navickas
A. Navickas
A. Navickas
G. Antanavičius

Cast iron obelisk was built in the memory of building St. Petersburg-Warsaw road in 1845.

The cast iron memorial was 11,1 meters high, with massive coat of arms of Russian Empire and the inscription „Povelenijem gosudaria imperatora Nikolaja I sooružena nasipnaja doroga ot Kovno do Dinaburga. 193 versti. 1836 g.“ Author – Petr Šteinkeller. During the time of First Independent Republic, the coat of arms was removed and obelisk considered the monument of Independence, and the surrounding park was called the Independence Park.



Address: On crossroad of Vytautas and Vilnius streets, Zarasai
GPS: 55.73309, 26.253849
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