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Memorial museum of linguist Kazimieras Būga

The village of Pažiegė has a preserved farmstead on a plot of 1.5 hectares, which was founded in the middle of the nineteenth century. Until 1935, the mother of the linguist, Kazimieras Būga, lived there. After her death, the homestead passed to her relatives. In 1973, the Kazimieras Būga Memorial Museum was established at the western end of the building. Using authentic furniture and other items, the interior was restored to that of the period in which Būga lived there. Books which had been written by the professor, as well as family photographs and relics, are all on display. The exhibition tells the story of the linguist’s life, along with his scientific and social activities. Kazimieras Būga (1879-1924) was the first Lithuanian professional in historical comparative linguistics, founder of the Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language, a linguist-romantic, who set out to register all of the words of the Lithuanian language and even to discover their etymology. He tried to reconstruct Lithuanian names which had been written down in other languages in historical sources, discovered the ancestral homeland of the Aesti and their tribal habitats, instructed those who lacked language skills, saved a number of Lithuanian words which had been declared to be of foreign origin, and sacrificed himself to the dictionary and science. He contributed a great deal to Baltic studies, ethnonymy, onomastics, historical phonetics, and morphology, Aestian dialectology and mythology, Lithuanian accentology, the standardisation of a common Lithuanian language, and especially to Lithuanian lexicology and lexicography.

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Address: Pažiegės village, Dusetos parish
GPS: 55.741527, 25.761199
Phone No. +370 385 52456
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