Zarasai – a city with seven lakes in North East Lithuania. When visitors arrive to the town, they come to a paradise full of hills, lakes and forests, which from the old times was known as Lithuanian Switzerland. To admire the beauty of the city visitors have the opportunity to experience the wonderful Zarasas Lake and its islands from a large observation wheel in the city. Seventeen meters above the ground, the structure is one of the most complex architectural buildings in Lithuania. It opens up an astonishing panorama of Zarasas Lake with a Big Island – one of the biggest in Lithuania, which holds a lot of popular events during summertime and is placed at the heart of the city.

Those who like more active recreation are going to have a lot of fun visiting Zarasaitis Lake beach. Open outdoor swimming-pool with ten meters platform to jump from – not an easy challenge for visitors, but entertaining for those who watch it.

Surrounded by more than three hundred lakes, the region of Zarasai has some of the biggest lakes in Lithuania – Drūkšiai, Luodis, Sartai, Antalieptė marios and other less known rivers and lakes, nevertheless that does not mean they are less popular for forestry, fishing and water activities.

Zarasai region is charming not only by its water sources, but also with unique terrestrial nature. For a long time visitors from different places are coming to see a very old and huge oak tree – Stelmužė oak, to see it is to truly believe it. Who knows what kind of secrets keeps one of the oldest (about 2000 years) oak in Europe. Amazed by the power of this tree, visitors can go on an educational route by water or by land all around the region. Gražutė and Sartai regional park visitors centers offer to see nature expositions. It is also recommended to visit Vida Žilinskienė‘s „Jūrų muziejus“ – sea museum, which is the one farthest from the Baltic sea.

To witness all this beauty we recommend visitors to explore the rural tourism – one of the most popular alternative activities in the Zarasai region. There are approximately fifty services of rural tourism available near the most beautiful water filled places and astonishing landscapes. Nevertheless, the region is rich not only with its natural wonders, but also by its unique cultural heritage.

To get to know the history of the region there are more ways than just visiting Zarasai, Antalieptė and Antazavė museums and expositions. Rich in educational-historical experiences is Stelmužė manor with its Slave tower and Jesus Cross church – one of the oldest wooden churches in Lithuania. There are more religious architecture places in the region: Salakas St. Mary church, it is one of the highest rocky building in Eastern Europe; Antazavė God Appearance church and many more religious buildings open to the public. Visitors gather near Ilgis Lake, it is said that it is a place where St. Mary once appeared and some people believe that miracles can happen here.

Tourists who enjoy unique architecture and are inspired by famous people's work will not be disappointed here too. In Zarasai town and region have lived some famous people during the time: doctor Dominykas Bukontas, linguist Kazimieras Būga, one of the brightest interwar period Lithuanian politician Augustinas Voldemaras, animator Abrahamas Jaffee, compositor Juozas Gruodis, interwar period military leader Stasys Raštikis, poets Paulius Širvys and Antanas Vienažindys, 1831 events heroine Emilija Pliaterytė and famous Jewish artist Jehuda Penas. Visitors have a chance to learn about the work and life aspects of the aforementioned famous people who were living in the Zarasai region by visiting their birth places – in some of those places there are memorial signs and in others museums are open. Tourists are welcome in linguist Kazimieras Būga memorial museum, which is located in his birth village – Pažiegė. Those who love poetry are invited to visit poet Antanas Vienažindis memorial museum in Gipėnai village. Exhibits of the brave heroine Emilija Pliaterytė and her family history are in Antazavė region community history museum. Also it is recommended to visit the birthplace of one of the most famous 20th century Lithuanian poet Paulius Širvys in Padustėlis village or the homestead of very famous 20th century Lithuanian archbishop and politician Mečislavas Reinys.

Visitors of this lake land can not only appreciate Zarasai region heritage buildings, but also experience the modern culture artworks. There is an exposition in Dusetos cultural center art gallery by famous artist Šarunas Sauka and other local artists. Zarasai district government cultural center will encourage you to visit exhibitions, educational events as well as concerts or theaters by some famous Lithuanian artists and actors. To enhance the experience, you can „taste“ Zarasai land. We offer you to try delicious culinary and national heritage meals: fish cheese, beer from Čižas and Vasaknos mansion, pancakes from „razavi“ flour and bread from barley and wheat flour in Šlyninka water windmill, which is celebrating its three hundred year anniversary.

To really get a feel for this land it is recommended to try experience everything yourself and participate in the educational programs, in which activities vary from wood carving and bread baking to walking around the magical village Lieptai, which conjures up memories from pagan times. The village of ancestors in Vajasiškis presents the Lithuanian folk traditions in which you can learn to do simple domestic work with ancient equipment. Also there is an opportunity to make a plate or vase from clay by participating in an educational event by an experienced ceramics master Romualdas Pučekas.

Zarasai region attracts visitors not only from its rich history and abundance of attractions, but furthermore, for its amazing cultural events. Everyone knows about these popular events, which are held in Zarasai on the Big Island. People from all around Lithuania and other countries gathers here for outdoor musical festivals to see famous European music groups live. One of the most unique festival „Galapagai“, the biggest rock event „Roko naktys“, Baltic and mystic neofolk music festival „Mėnuo Juodaragis“, probably the most important automobiles sport event „300 ežerų ralis“ – all those dates are marked in festival visitors' calendars.

Zarasai was the first city, which got a Lithuanian cultural capital title, with resort territory status, top-rated for fishers and awarded by European Commission as 2010 European Destination of Excellence in Aquatic tourism in Lithuania, waits for everyone, who is ready to dive into Zarasai region journey.

We will see you in Zarasai – hospitable land of forests and lakes!






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