Zarasai is a city in North-Eastern Lithuania on a hill above seven lakes. Arriving in the Zarasai region, the visitor enters a paradise surrounded by hills, lakes and forests, which has been compared in various ways since ancient times: because of its hilliness - like Lithuania's Switzerland or because of its lake-likeness - Lithuania's Finland. In the city, the visitor has the opportunity to admire Zarasas Lake and its islands from the city's business card, which has already managed to become an observation wheel. At a height of seventeen meters, one of the most complex architectural structures in Lithuania opens up a picturesque panorama of the lake with Great Island - one of the largest islands in Lithuania, the biggest summer event venue, the heart of the city full of stories.

Lovers of more active recreation will be full of impressions after visiting the beach of Zarasaitis Lake surrounded by a pine forest. There is an open-air swimming pool with a ten-meter-high diving board or visitors can try themselves in one of the biggest waterboarding parks in Lithuania which is located in the Great Island of Zarasai. These objects are a real challenge for lovers of sharp sensations and exceptional entertainment for observers.

Located among more than three hundred lakes, the Zarasai district is one of the most lake-rich in Lithuania and boasts one of the largest lakes in the country - Drūkšiai, Aviliai, Luodis and the picturesque Antalieptė lagoon and Sartai, which has the longest coastline in the country. And other lakes and rivers, although not so famous, are no less attractive for recreation, fishing or water entertainment. Rural tourism is one of the most popular alternative activities in the rural Zarasai district. About 50 providers of this service offer recreation near the most beautiful water bodies, in protected areas, often in the impressive landscape of Aukštaitija.

The region fascinates visitors not only with its waters, but also with its picturesque and unique terrestrial nature. For many years, visitors from various places have been coming to see the old Stelmužė oak tree and make sure that such natural wonders really exist. Who knows what secrets are kept by one of the oldest European oaks - about two thousand years old. Fascinated by the power of the oak tree, you can admire the untouched nature by traveling along the water and land sightseeing routes scattered throughout the area.

See the unique natural expositions in the visitor centers of Gražutės and Sartų regional parks, and especially Vidos Žilinskienė's "Maritime Museum" in the town of Salakas - the farthest sea museum from sea in Lithuania. The country is rich not only in its nature but also in cultural heritage.

You can get to know the rich history of the Zarasai region not only by visiting the Zarasai region, Antalieptė and Antazavė museums with their exhibitions. Zarasai has a First World War exhibit in Turmantas. Cognitive-historical layers are hidden in the Stelmužė manor, designated as a cultural heritage of the Zarasai district, with its preserved farm buildings and the oldest branch church of the cross of the Lord Jesus of wooden architecture in Lithuania with its unique wooden carvings. There are also more highly visited places of sacred architecture in the area: The Church of the Virgin Mary Sopulingos in Salakas is believed to be one of the tallest stone buildings in Eastern Europe, the Antazavė Church of God's Providence is a work of talented craftsmen, which is superior to other houses of prayer in the region with its grandeur and details. Visitors do not miss the place of pilgrimage - St. Places of apparitions of the Virgin Mary at Lake Ilgis.

Those who admire the impressive and unique architecture and get inspiration from the works of prominent personalities will not be disappointed by visiting this region of Eastern Aukštaitija. Many well-known personalities were born , lived or worked in the Zarasai region: public figure Dr. Domininkas Bukontas, linguist Kazimieras Būga, Augustinas Voldemaras one of the most prominent Lithuanian politicians of the interwar period, Abraham Jaffee, an animator who later became famous in the United States of America, composer Juozas Gruodis, commander of the Lithuanian army in the interwar period, General Stasys Raštikis, poets Paulius Širvys and Antanas Vienažindys, heroine of the 1831 uprising Emilija Pliaterytė, famous artist of Jewish origin Jehuda Penas. Visitors can get acquainted with the life and works of some of the mentioned significant personalities of the Zarasai region by visiting their birthplaces - some of them have museums, and some are simply marked with a memorial sign of a great personality. Tourists of the Zarasai region are welcome at the memorial museum of linguist Kazimieras Būga, operating in his native village of Pažiegė. Poetry lovers are invited to visit the public-memorial museum in the homestead of poet Antanas Vienažindis's grandfather in the village of Gipėnai. Exhibits related to the history of the brave warrior Emilia Pliaterytė and the family of Counts Pliateriai can be seen in the public history museum of Antazavė region. It is also interesting to visit the birthplace of Paulius Širvis, one of the most famous Lithuanian poets of the 20th century, in the village of Padustėlis, or the homestead of the archbishop, politician and public figure of the first half of the 20th century, Mečislovas Reinis, in the village of Madagascar

A visitor to the Lake District can see not only the buildings that make the Zarasai district famous, but also the works of modern culture - the Zarasai Museum (in the city center) exhibits the works of art by the famous artist Šarūnas Sauka and Nomeda Saukiene. Zarasai District Municipal Culture Center invites you to visit exhibitions and meaningful events, including concerts by famous artists or performances with the most famous Lithuanian actors. You can get to know Zarasai region not only by looking, but also by "tasting". Here we offer you to enjoy the most delicious dishes of culinary and national heritage: at the over three hundred year old Šlyninka watermill, you can taste pancakes made from "razava" flour and bread baked from rye and wheat flour, Čižo and Vasaknos manor beer brewed according to unique recipes, in the local restaurant "Monopolis" you can taste seliava fish which is caught  In the lakes of Zarasai.

To get a feel for this region, you have to try and experience everything yourself by participating in thematic educational programs, where the activities range from carving wood products with woodcarving masters Erikas Čypas, the Kairiai family, or baking bread in the Šlyninka water mill, to when you are walking around the magical village of  Lieptai you feel  magical times of paganism. The Village of Old Fairy Tales Vajasiškis is a village presenting Lithuanian folk customs, where you can learn how to do simple household chores with ancient rakes. You can also decorate a plate or a vase by participating in an educational ceramic event organized by experienced ceramic master Romualdas Pučekas.

The region of Zarasai attracts tourists not only with its rich history or abundance of attractions, but also with cultural events that attract thousands of visitors. Almost every Lithuanian knows about the big events that take place both in the city's surroundings and in the cradle of Zarasai - Great Island. Attracting tens of thousands of visitors from all over Lithuania and surrounding countries, open-air music festivals delight with the performances of famous European music groups and plenty of entertainment. Galapagai, one of the most exclusive music and active entertainment festivals in Lithuania, Baltic and mystical neo-folk music festival "Menuo Juodaragis" which attracts thousands of people from all over the world is held in a magical Island of Duburis. Zarasai is rich in motor sports events and competitions, and where else are the Sartai horse racing competitions that make Dusetas and Zarasai famous...

The region that won the title of the first cultural capital of Lithuania, has the status of a resort area, is recognized as a fisherman's paradise, one of the most attractive water tourism areas and chosen as a corner of paradise on earth awaits everyone who is determined to immerse themselves in a magnificent journey of getting to know the Zarasai district.


See you in Zarasai - a welcoming land of forests and lakes!






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