Memorable region of Zarasai city welcomes everyone with fabulous nature, cultural events, impressive places to visit. You should not be astonished when you hear sentences like: „the biggest lake in Lithuania – Drūkšiai lake“, „the oldest Oak in baltic area – Stelmužė oak“, „the only one observation bridge in Lithuania above Zarasas lake“, „Šlyninka water wind mill, which is a unique engineering heritage of more than three centuries with authentic equipment“, „Dusetos art gallery – the mansion of artists“, etc. You cannot only hear about this places, you must see it, feel it and get to know it...
JSC „EMERTA“ snail farm
JSC “EMERTA“ grows, recycles and produces products of African (Helix Aspersa Maxima) snails. Company is located in northeastern Lithuania, Zarasai district, nearby Salakas. Helix Aspersa Maxima snails is high quality food product, which includes a lot of proteins. Very valuable delicacy. It is tasty and healthy meat product with no fats and cholesterol. Food products of snail meat are
Vasaknos manor
The Manor of Vasaknos is located on the shore of Lake Vasaknos - it is a special place, where everyone can touch the exclusive history of the manor - here every interior detail is magnificent luxury. The manor is suitable for festive banquets, business meetings or conferences. Eighteenth-century renovated barn is modern and original, with spacious sleeping rooms and food in his restaurant is su
Velikuški mound with a settlement
Velikuškiai Hillfort I, which commemorates both the legacy left by the Brushed Pottery culture and the memory of the Selonians, was excavated in 1933 by Petras Tarasenka and Professor E Volteris. They investigated almost the entire 45 x 25m oval site and part of the 22m-high southern and eastern slopes. The investigations uncovered a cultural layer which went down to a depth of between 20-30cm (in
Vosgėliai mound
In ancient times, there was a wooden castle on the hill of Vosgėliai, associated with the 13th century ruler Vaisgėla from Nalšia. This is one of the most famous and picturesque mounds in Selija. Stone axes, bone objects, metal molds, jewelry, iron arrows and tools were found in the mound. The stories about the Vosgėliai mound mention the witch Laumė, the Swedish church covered with earth and open
Green educational spaces of Zarasai Agricultural School
Zarasai Agricultural School, located near the city, invites all guests and residents of the city to admire its green educational spaces. They are adapted for school activities, but at the same time they are also a place for a walk. In the school yard you will find an impressive flower paradise, which is especially beautiful in June-September. The environment is decorated not only with carefully ma
 The site of the mass killing of Jews in the forest of Krakynė
In 1941 at Krakynes forest Jewish residents of the Zarasai region were brutally killed and buried. A monument was built here in their memory.
„Raganų sostas“
The stone "Raganos sostas" or the Lapeliški stone is a natural object protected by the state. mythological stone. It is located 3 km southwest of Turmants, 30 m west of the old cemetery of Lapeliškii village. The stone is in the shape of a truncated cone. In the upper part of the stone there is a recess called the "witch's throne".
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