Beach of Great Island Zarasai

As soon as you enter the Big Island of Zarasas Lake, you are greeted by the city's main beach, which is crowded with residents and guests of Zarasai on a hot summer day. In addition to the sandy beach, vacationers are welcomed by an active waterboarding and water park with water trampolines, slides, pleasure boats for families, and children's playgrounds. For the convenience of visitors, there are open public toilets, showers and changing rooms during the season. Bicycle parking spaces are available. Near the beach you will also find a children's playground, basketball and volleyball courts. It is worth noting that the landscape of the city of Zarasai opens up from this beach. The Big Island of Zaras Lake also offers accommodation, catering, premises and venue rental services. Wake Inn Zarasai and Water Inn Zarasai water amusement parks are operating.


Address: The Great Island of Zarasas lake, Zarasai
GPS coordinates: 55.735143, 26.235015
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City, With children, Zarasai town parish
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