Marimont Water Mill

Marimont was for a long time the property of Antazavė Manor or, more precisely, of the Counts Platers. Later it belonged to the Counts Ledochovskis, and at the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century it belonged to the Ropps. The last descendant of the Ropp family, Elizabeth Franziska von Ropp, married a shepherd by the name of Nicholas Voinarowski, and both Voinarowskis became the last owners of Antazavė Manor and therefore of Marimont. People in the surrounding districts referred to the place and its surroundings as Marimont’s Folwark. In the second half of the nineteenth century, under the rule of the Counts Ledochovskis, a dam was built in the Zalvė stream, and a mill with sifting equipment was built, as was a sawmill. This was a sturdy building which had been built in stone and brick, and which took care of duties such as wool carding, yarn spinning, and cloth felting. A long house, a type of farm-hand building, was built for the hired labourers. The mill, sawmill, and wool-carding workshop continued to operate even in the post-war years, but a fire in 1946 or 1947 burnt down everything. Only the remains of the stonework and a section of the cobbled old road have survived to this day.


Address: Marimantas, Antazavė parish
GPSc: 55.821892, 25.898934
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District, With children, Antazavė parish
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