Pradžia places of interest cultural heritage objects Antazavės pinewood battlefield and hopper of guerillas
Antazavės pinewood battlefield and hopper of guerillas
A. Navickas
A. Navickas

The place of dislocation of Vytautas County, Bear squad, Vytis partisan company, and the place of a battle. Two underground shelters are restored in the battle place.  Road sign on the road Antazavė - Dusetos will lead to this place.The ‘Forest Brothers’ started to protect Antazavė Forest as early as September-October 1944, following the brutal events in the village of Pakeriai. In October, the same men dug themselves five bunkers in the forest. The headquarters bunker could accommodate twenty partisans. Lighting was installed to use a battery, and the partisans also had a working radio receiver, a ‘Siera’. By order of the commander, trenches were dug around the hilltop camp. Heavy machine-gun posts were set up in the northern and southern parts of the camp. As early as 10 December 1944, the first underground newspaper, ‘Freedom and Independence’, was published in this forest bunker. By 26 December 1944, there were already eighty-five fighters in the Vytis partisan detachment of the Lokys special team, as part of the Lithuanian Freedom Army’s Vytautas Command (in Lithuanian this is Lietuvos laisvės armija, or LLA). They were led by Mykolas Kazanas-Mutka, an eighteen year-old participant of the June Uprising of 1941, and a student of the local special team’s military school. In 2014, partisan dugouts were rebuilt on the site of the ‘Šilas’ battle which took place within the forest.


Address: Antazavė parish
GPS Coordinates: 55.815414, 25.895072
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District, With children, Antazavė parish
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