Pradžia places of interest cultural heritage objects The birthplace of the poet Paulius Širvys
The birthplace of the poet Paulius Širvys

Padustėlio village is the place where the poet Paulius Širvys was born. The house in which he was born is preserved here. While it is not allowed to enter inside the homestead and there is no display stands, visitor will come here to see and feel the spirit of the place where, according to the poet, "birch forest - pine forest road with Sorrowful Christs near to the Wellsprings" begin and leads "through the woods from Padustėlis past Sartai". Also, visitors will learn about the surrounding nature that inspired our poet to write his famous series of poetry.


Address: Padustėlis village, Dusetos parish
GPS coordinates: 55.737874, 25.855099
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