The Great Island of Zarasas lake

Covering an area of forty-four hectares, the Lake Zarasas Great Island is one of the largest in Lithuania. In the past it had other names, such as Anglija (England Island), and Draugystės (Friendship Island). Inventory documents mention a manor house which stood on the island in the middle of the eighteenth century. After this fell into disrepair its grounds were used as a town garden. During the First World War, German troops stored supplies on the island, to which they had built an underwater bridge. For military purposes, horses were used to access the island via said bridge. This bridge was later dismantled and the island was accessible only by boat. A horticultural nursery was set up on the island for landscaping purposes. This was managed by the town forester, F Čiblys. In 1960, a reinforced concrete bridge was built to connect the island. At that time, song and dance festivals and horse races were organised on the island every year. Nowadays, cultural events are still held here. The largest wakeboarding track in the Baltic states, stretching to six hundred metres in length, a water trampoline park, and a beach for active recreation are all located on the Lake Zarasas Great Island.



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