„WAKE-IN“ cable park

WAKE INN ZARASAI - is a waterboard park in a circle located in a beautiful place in Lithuania, on the Big Island of Zarasas Lake. Enthusiasts of this sport will be delighted by the ultra-modern water track with 6 towers, 8 carts and even 9 Wake Station figures - Kicker 130 (2 pcs), Roof Top 21m, Fun Box I 20m, Ride on Handrail 15m, 3D Incline 10m, Stacked Box 12m, Fat Pipe I 20m, Bowl 2 Banana Transfer Box 23m. For the convenience of the customers, a wooden track surrounds the course in the water, so that it is easy and safe to get out of the water and not have to swim a long distance to the shore. In addition, a breakwater is installed in the middle of the waterboarding course to control the waves of the lake. It should also be remembered that this waterboard park is part of an entertainment and leisure complex for the whole family.

This complex consists of:

- 2 cafes;
  - waterboarding equipment and leisure goods store;
  - beach;
  - beach volleyball and basketball courts;
  - four-person accommodation cabins "Camping pod";

Cozy and exclusive four-person residential Camping Pod cabins on the shore of the lake, on the Big Island of Lake Zaras!

And all entertainment in one place!


- 2 cafes with terraces

- Internet

- Beach volleyball and basketball courts

- Sandy beach

- Waterboarding equipment and leisure goods store;

- New and tidy common WC/Showers (only for the residents of the cottages)

- Free parking for cars

One of the largest inflatable water trampoline parks in Lithuania WATER INN ZARASAI. WAKE INN ZARASAI is not only a perfect choice for extreme tests on the water, but also a guarantee of rich leisure time for the whole family or a group of friends looking for fun!

Working hours:

Wake inn administracijos ir kavinės darbo laikas: 10-22val



Cabin (shared WC and showers)

On working days - 50€
On weekends - 75€
House on a hill (shared WC and showers)

On working days - 55€
On weekends - 80€
Luks cabin (with toilet and shower):

On weekdays - 75€
On weekends - 95€

1 hour (Monday - Thursday) - 15€
2 hours (Monday - Thursday) - 20€
1 hour (Friday - Sunday and holidays) - 20€
2 hours (Friday - Sunday and holidays) - 25€
All-day ticket (Monday - Thursday) - 30€
All-day ticket (Friday - Sunday and holidays) - 35€

Equipment rental
Surfboard rental per person: 1 hour. €4
Waterboard rental per person: 2 hours, €7 per day
PRO Waterboard rental per person: 1 hour. €8
PRO Surfboard rental per person: 2 hours, €10 per day
Wetsuit rental per person: 1 hour. €4
Wetsuit rental per person: 2 hours, €7 per day
Paddleboard rental €10 per hour, €50 per day (until the end of the day)

Subscriptions at WakeInn - Zarasai Park
Subscription: €600

Address: Salos st. 4, Zarasai
GPS: 55.735601, 26.233944
Web: www.wakeinn.lt
Phone No.: +370 638 88840

Other information:

With children, City, Zarasai town parish
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