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Šarūno Saukos ir Nomedos Saukienės gallery

The newest tourist attraction in Zarasai - the Šarūnas Sauka and Nomeda Saukiene gallery has been opened since 05/27/2023 in one of the city's oldest buildings.

It was opened after the implementation of the Zarasai Municipality project "Development and modernization of the Museum of the Zarasai region by establishing the Šarūno Saukos ir Nomedos Saukienės gallery

 and developing the path of Jewish culture".

Šarūnas and Nomeda Saukos, born, raised and graduated in Vilnius, since 2014. are honorary citizens of Zarasai, since 1990. They  live in Zarasai district. near Dusetos. Šarūnas Sauka - laureate of the first National Culture and Art Prize (1989), Nomeda Saukienė - laureate of the Government Culture and Art Prize (2017). Both artists have many other awards.

The gallery exhibits 42 of their works of art (22 Šarūnas, 20 Nomedos), mostly paintings, as well as sculptural objects by Šarūnas Sauka.

The gallery is set up in 3 exhibition halls, its architect is Justinas Dūdėnas, and the curator of the exhibition is the artist's daughter, art critic Monika Saukaitė. The expositions are arranged in a circle, so the artworks can be viewed by choosing one of two directions.

Childhood, dream, life turning into memories, death, resurrection - according to exhibition curator Monika Saukaitė, these are the keywords of this exhibition. After turning to the left, in the 1st hall, the works of both artists are exhibited, with different picture formats, techniques, and plastic. But they are united by the fact that they convey the fragility of life, the transience of things and people, and eternal renewal.

In the 2nd hall, the visitors are greeted by the works of Šarūnas Sauka with large format and thick plots. According to Monika Saukaitė, he also creates paintings from fragments of objects and photographs, connecting unrelated objects, events, bodies, faces. From this biggest, darkest hall, full of all kinds of small stories in every work, we move to the Nomeda Saukienė hall, where the atmosphere is bright, the sun beams through the windows, full of childhood images, paintings with playful foxes, aloes, sorrel mountains, etc.

Working hours:

II-VI – 09:00-18:00 h.
VII-09:00-17:00 h.
I - non-working day, we accept visitors only after prior registration.
Additional information:

The gallery is located in the territorial department of the Zarasai Region Museum, at D. Bukonto str. 1, Zarasai,on the second floor, which can be reached also by elevator.

◾ for adults - 6.00 EUR,
◾for students, schoolchildren, seniors, disabled - 3.00 EUR,
◾ photography - 3.00 EUR.

Address: D. Bukonto str. 1, 32132 Zarasai
Phone: 8 385 52596
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