Pradžia places of interest nature objects, mounds Velikuškių II (an Island) mound
Velikuškių II (an Island) mound

Velikuškės II (an Island) castle mound stands on the eastern end of Bradesiai (also known as Stintinės) Gulf shore, between the lake Zalvė and stream Zalvė, on the left bank of the stream. The mound is surrounded by water of the three sides, the fourth side - wet spot between the hills, so the mound is also known as the Island.

The mound until now remained cultural layer, in which was found fragments of plastic tie ceramic, iron slag, animal bones and stone axes, on the slope of mound was found marks of a settlement.


Address: Sartai Regional Park, Antazavė parish
GPS coordinates: 55.827275, 25.868183
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District, With children, Antazavė parish
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