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Centre of visitors of Sartai regional park
A. Navickas
A. Navickas
A. Navickas
A. Navickas

Visitor centre exhibition room is equipped with kiosks, video projectors, interactive stands. Sounds of nature are reproduced to achieve an immediate sense of the nature.

On the monitors, which are present on the exposition wall, visitors can watch the video about the genesis of the Sartai Lake and learn about the symbol of the Regional Park - the Great crested grebe. Visitors will find detailed information about the natural and cultural heritage valuables present in the Regional Park.

Separate stand with video footage is dedicated to the horse racing, a tradition which is followed in Dusetos for more than 100 years.


The park protects a landscape of lake basins and hills, with twenty-nine lakes, hills which surround Lake Sartai in an almost unbroken arc, and forests and marshes. The focal point of this regional park is Sartai, the most frequently-branched double-clonal lake in Lithuania. When the last glacier here broke up, mimicking the Earth’s fractures, its melting created the contours of the present lake. With the country’s longest shoreline (at 79km), it is the fourth largest lake in Lithuania. Its shoreline is only 11km shorter than that of our Baltic coastline. The River Šventoji, the pride of Aukštaitija, flows into Lake Sartai near Dusetos and forms its northernmost loop. The regional park is home to perhaps the largest populations of speckled, narrow-leaved, and yellow-leaved marsh orchids, along with marsh saxifrages, in Lithuania, and this was also where the round-spored false morel was first found in Lithuania. Among the hundred protected objects of cultural heritage, the following eighteenth century architectural monuments are particularly valuable: Dusetos Church of the Holy Trinity which is famous for its ecclesiastical art heritage, the Baroque-style four-storey brick bell tower, Antazavė Church of Divine Providence, which was built in 1794 with funding from the Platers, and a nineteenth century gate and bell tower. Bobriškis Orthodox Church, the first Orthodox Christian house of worship in Lithuania, is an equally valuable monument of the nineteenth century. Lake Sartai and the nearby town of Dusetos have long been famous for their winter trotter races. Since 1905, the race has been held annually.

Working hours:

During the tourist season (from May 20 to September 30)
II—Fri 9:00 a.m. — 6:00 p.m.
VI — 9:00 a.m. — 4:45 p.m.
VII 10:00 a.m. — 3:00 p.m.
Rest day: Monday.

In the days before public holidays, we work one hour shorter.
We are closed on public holidays.

From October 1 until April 30
I—IV 8:00—17:00
Fri 8:00—15:45
We are closed on VI-VII

Lunch break 12:00—12:45

We are closed on public holidays
On the day before the holiday, working hours are shorter by 1 hour.
Additional information:

From 30th October to 1st May Sartai Regional Park Visitor Centre is closed on Saturdays.

Address: Vytauto st. 5, Dusetos
GPS: 55.747301, 25.841176
Phone No. +370 645 56344, (8 385) 56849
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