Antalieptė hydroelectric power plant

At 0.5 km from Antalieptė there is the first and the biggest mountain type hydroelectric power plant in the Baltics with 2620-kilowatt output. Using pressure derivation the water falls on the turbine wheel from maximum height possible in Lithuania - 35 meters. Hydroelectric power reserves are big: its water-storage pond area is 1,000 hectares, the pond has a capacity of 23.5 million cubic meters of water. Surface of the water level is raised by 34 m. The descent of the bed of Šventoji river bend is used for the hydroelectric power station. In addition, the dammed Šventoji river along with the 26 lakes form the second largest pond in Lithuania, called Antaliepte sea. The hydroelectric power plant design works took 11 years.

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Address: A. Žilėno st. 15, Antalieptė
GPS coordinates: 55.656905, 25.875566
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Antalieptė parish, With children, District
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