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Antaliepte Church of the Discovery of the Holy Cross
A. Stauskas

The church has 3 towers, one nave, elongated symmetrical 23.8 x 7.2 m plan. On one axis there is a rectangular nave, then a narrower and lower presbytery, to the southeast - a tapering apse and even lower two floor sacristy (on the second floor there was a chapel for the monks). It is completed by a wavy shape staircase and a tower above it. Behind the presbytery at the end of the church there is a lower wing with a small baroque tower. There was a chapel. Under the church there is a spacious basement, divided by two rows of columns into three naves (there were 12 catacombs with the remains of monks and the founders of the church). In the northwest (main) façade of the church there are two, three stages, square plan, late Baroque towers, between them - organ choir. Towers are with crosses. The pediment is incorporated between the towers, it is decorated with three niches. It is completed with a tribune at the top. Connection of the naves with the sacristy is unbalanced. The interior of the church is modest. Wooden nave ceiling is painted with floral ornaments and clouds of medium artistic level. Organ choir is supported by three arches. Slightly curved parapet is split with dual blades. The main altar of the church is decorated with the twentieth century wall paintings, Baroque side altars have rectangular columns and pilasters coupled by composite chapiter.


Address: M. Reinio st. 4, Antalieptė
GPS coordinates: 55.659507, 25.866801
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District, With children, Antalieptė parish
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