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Smalvos Our Lady of the Rosary Church

The church stands in the centre of the village, in a square formed by intersecting roads. The main façade of the church is facing the square. A wooden bell tower stands in the west side of the churchyard. This church has a rich history. In the beginning of the seventeenth century Jurgis-Samsonas Podbereskis built a wooden church in Smalvos and invited the monks of the order of Canons Regular of the Holy Cross to work there. They were noble origin, lived in the estate, taught the children and served the church, which in 1812 war was set on fire and pillaged. After a couple of decades, the tsarist government expelled the monks from Smalvos and secular priests took over the church. Today the church standing in Smalvos is not the same church built in seventeenth century. In 1857 count Plater together with Smalvos parishioners built and equipped the current church in Smalvos.

The church is built on a stone foundation. It has rectangular plan and three naves. The interior is decorated in a folk baroque style, rich in decorative elements, dominated by plant motifs. Church floor is made of wide planks, which are boarded up on the beams with wooden pins and forged nails. The Great Altar is made of pinewood, richly gilded. The painting of Our Lady of the Rosary was painted by Kazimieras Gorackis. Carved in a folk style window and door trims are very pronounced externally. They were probably inherited from residential homes or barns in order to provide the church with some "national" look. In the front façade of the church there is a unique three-story portico. The entrance on the ground floor, the balcony on the second, and the pediment with a window on the third.

Interesting, that in the sacristy the portrait of the church founder Jurgis - Samsonas Podberskis is still kept. All estate of Podbereskiai family in 1920 was bequeathed to the church.


Address: Smalvos village, Turmantas parish
GPS coordinates: 55.64115, 26.362134
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District, With children, Turmantas parish
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