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The Church of Divine Providence in Antazavė
A. Navickas
A. Navickas

In 1794 a wooden, baroque-style, rectangular, cross plan with three naves - Church of Divine Providence was built in Antazavė. It is 33 x 17 m in size and 24 m high. The church was built of lumber, planked with split and then hewn planks, which where nailed down with forged nails. Exterior of the church has complex shapes: in the central facade there is a portic with four wooden columns, the second floor is split with pilasters, the facade is completed with laconic, beautiful baroque pediment and two massive towers with tapering roofs and crosses on the top. External part of the transept also has pediments with cornices. Church facades are split with rows of windows, which are oblong, rounded at the top. Most of them are decorated with stained glass. Shelter and tower construction, even the chopping of the logs is done only an axe. The internal space of the Church is basilica type. The Great Altar of the church with an orderly arrangement is an example of the late Baroque. Organ Choir is supported by two round columns, bent balustrades are in his plan.


Address: Zalvės st. 15, Antazavė
GPS coordinates: 55.812297, 25.925568
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District, With children, Antazavė parish
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