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All Saints Orthodox church in Zarasai
A. Navickas

The Orthodox Church in the city of Zarasai, then called Novoaleksandrovsk, was built in 1839 and named Priobraženija Gospodina. It contained several icons painted according to the Greek style, as well as a painting of the Holy Mother which belonged to the Suveikas Uniate monastery, which is considered miraculous and worshipped by Orthodox and Catholic believers alike. In 1869, after a visit by the successor of M. Muravjov, A. Potapov, it was decided that a new brick prayer house be built near the old wooden orthodox church. It was relocated to a newly appointed orthodox burial ground in 1885 (currently Valstiečiai St.) whereupon it was blessed in the name of All Souls Day. The Orthodox Church in the midst of the cemetary remains to this day.


Address: Kauno st. 16, Zarasai
GPS Coordinates: 55.720946, 26.241565
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