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Dusetos St. Trinity Church
A. Navickas
A. Navickas
A. Navickas

Current brick church was built in 1888, previously wooden churches stood here.  Sources say that the construction of the church was funded by donations and secret benefactions

made by parishioners across the the whole Samogitia diocese. Inside the church there are three altars, in which a part of the old L. Gogel sculptures are stored.

Dusetos church has one historic monument (organ) and five monuments of art: the central altar, pulpit, two portable altars, and the painting "Madonna and Child". The painting is decorated with a riza, created in first half of eighteenth century. It was presented to the Dusetos church by counts Platters in 1746.

The 18th century stuccoed brick baroque bell tower stands in the west corner of the churchyard. Four stages of it narrows gradually. Pilasters are located in the corners. Bell tower roof is decorated with four stages baroque shaped tower with iron openwork cross.



Address: Taikos gatvė 2, Dusetos
GPS coordinates: 55.743267, 25.8376
Phone No. +370 385 37171, +370 682 40988,
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