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Dusetos St. Trinity Church
A. Navickas
A. Navickas
A. Navickas

This wooden church in Dusetos had been erected by 1519. In 1530 J Radziwill donated property to the Dusetos parish. The parish priest had to maintain the school, which Radziwill had established by 1530 (a new, larger school was built in the seventeenth century). In 1774, it was rebuilt by Count J L Plater, the owner of Dusetos Manor. The angular building was made of wood, featuring two high towers. Inside were six altars, which later were adorned with numerous wooden sculptures by L Gogelis from Dusetos. At the same time, a Baroque brick bell tower of four storeys was added, with the ground floor being occupied by St Cross Chapel and its altar (the bell tower is included in the ‘Register of Protected Monuments’), which was converted into a small church in 1885-1886. The present stone church was built in 1886-1888 by the efforts of the parish priest, A Rumševičius. The building enjoys its neo-Romanesque style, with eclectic deviations. Inside are three naves with vaults, and three brick altars. These feature some of the old sculptures by L Gogelis. In 1930, the church was furnished and adorned with paintings and other art pieces by V Čižauskas, from Šiauliai. Dusetos Church has one historical monument (the organ) and five art monuments: the central altar, the pulpit, two portable altars, and the painting, ‘Madonna with Child’. The organ was installed at the end of the nineteenth century by an unknown master. The wooden central altar, built in the second half of the nineteenth century, has transitional Baroque-Classical features. The painting, ‘Madonna with Child’, is an oil on canvas which was pasted onto wood, with wrought-iron fittings covering the cloth and the background. Said fittings were made in the first half of the eighteenth century and are not contemporary with the painted work. In 1746, the Counts Platers donated the fittings to the church.


Address: Taikos gatvė 2, Dusetos
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