Jaskoniškių cognitive path

The path meanders through a sandy pine forest, which for a long time has been known as Smalinyčia. Here you can see a hollow made by the black woodpecker, see the work done by forest "stewards" woodpeckers, and if you listen carefully for the voices of the birds accompanying you - you might hear the unheard songs. Cognitive path stands will help you to pay attention to some of the natural objects. You will learn how does the creek start, why birds sing, what for the old tree snags and other dead wood is needed for, when does pines grow better and when firs, and etc. This place has long been a favourite of campers, as an evidence is the Vytis Cross mounded by young rifles during the independent Lithuania, which is one of the stops of the cognitive path. The length of the cognitive path – 1400 m., it has 13 stands, the route is marked with painted poles.

Additional information:

Advanced booking a guide service is required. It is necessary to call for directorate of the park.

Directorate of Sartai regional park
Address: Vytauto st. 5, Dusetos
GPS coordinates: 55.74731, 25.841192
Phone No. + 370 385 56834, +370 385 56849
E-mail: sartureg@takas.lt
Website: www.sartai.info
Other information:

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