Šavaša cognitive path
A. Navickas

The first and only geological path in Lithuania, the length - 1.5 km. The path is situated in Gražutė Regional Park, Šavaša Landscape Reserve, along the Šavaša river, which flows into the old riverbed of the Šventoji river. In order to visit the path, on arrival from Daugailiai (Utena district) to Antalieptė, just before the bridge across the river, turn right. Rising in to the hill along the Šventoji river you can see a panorama of Antalieptė, and having travelled further, on the left side of the road - Lūžiai mound. Right there Šavaša turns into a truly mountain stream. We have no doubt - not only the river itself will make an impression but also surrounding almost untouched nature.

Additional information:

Advanced booking a guide service is required. It is necessary to call for directorate of the park.

Address: Gražutė Regional Park, Degučių village, Zarasai district
Phone No. +370 385 59426
E-mail: parkas@grazute.lt
Website: www.grazute.lt
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