Stone of the Plains
A. Navickas

The Stone of the Plains is hiding in the woods near the Stelmužė manor site. Its length - 18m, and it is believed that it can be even larger than Puntukas, because the biggest part of it lays under ground, and the stone is not yet explored by archaeologists. The stone surface is very large. It is said, that the hunters used to gather here to discuss their affairs. It has its own legend. According to which, the Giant devil (the stone is also known as the Devil's Stone), threw it into the ground and everything started to shake violently. This lead to the rise to the mountains and emerging of ravines, then nearly the whole stone sank into ground.


Address: Stelmužė, Imbradas parish
GPS coordinates: 55.831679, 26.197501
Other information:

District, With children, Imbradas parish
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