Domininkas Bukontas Monument
G. Antanavičius
G. Antanavičius

After the death of D. Bukontas (1873-1919) an effort has been made by the close people to form the society of his revival. In 1939 on behalf of this society Juozas Žagrakalis published a study "Dr. Domininkas Bukontas" (one copy is stored in Zarasai public library). The funds were raised to build a monument according to the project prepared by sculptor Vincas Grybas. But, Soviet occupation has disrupted the implementation of these activities, the sculptor was killed. The idea was revived and implemented. In 1993 the monument, made according to the sculptor Leonas Strioga project, was unveiled. It has an inscription "The heart, the mind and the life / for the nation and the entire humanity". D.Bukonto activities inspired inhabitants for active participation in Sąjūdis movement, a new cultural life.

The house on D. Bukonto st. 10 is where the doctor has lived and died. He is buried in the city cemetery. The piece of land on D.Bukonto st. 3 was bought by the D. Bukontas and his fellows. There in 1937 on the will of the deceased and having collected enough money the House of rifles was built.


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