Pradžia places of interest monuments, sculptures, stones The birthplace of a composer Juozas Gruodis
The birthplace of a composer Juozas Gruodis
A. Navickas

In the Rokėnų village (Antazavė elderate) an erected sculptural pole with an arrow is pointing to the birthplace of Juozas Gruodis - a composer, teacher, conductor, public music figure. There on 13th of November 1966 a memorial stone was unveiled (author - L. Žuklys). It has a bas-relief with the image of the composer and inscription "Here, in the former homestead, on 20th of December 1884 the famous composer J. Gruodis was born".


Address: Rokėnai village, Antazavė parish
GPS Coordinates: 55.802413, 25.896403
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With children, District, Antazavė parish
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