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Climbing Park

The Zarasai Climbing Park, located in the Lake District, offers lovers of active leisure time climbing between trees, overcoming 5 tracks of different levels, among which - an unforgettable flight to Putinu Island above Lake Zarasas. Obstacle courses can be chosen according to the level of difficulty, physical preparation and endurance. Hanging nets, moving structures, bridges, flights and others obstacles will give you the opportunity to test not only courage, but also flexibility. It is also equipped here physical activity area. "Zarasai" camping spot is nearby. Zarasai climbing park from the city center you can reach in just 5 minutes. Only here you will be able to feel like you are in the jungle without leaving city. After experiencing memorable adventures, you will be able to rest and admire the wonderful view of city Zarasai.


·Yellow course
The yellow course is for beginners, so it's perfect for kids. This obstacle course the height is quite small, and it also does not require physical preparation.

· Green course
This track is set up a bit higher, with more varied obstacles, so it requires a minimum physical fitness. Suitable for children and adults.

· Orange course
The orange track is adapted to the needs of the disabled. Although installed in a small at altitude, the end of the track ends in a flight.

· Blue course
This route is intended for people who are not afraid of heights and are in good physical condition. The course is full of difficult obstacles that require a lot of endurance.

· Flight to Putinu Island (grey route)

You will have the greatest impression when you try the flight to Putinu Island above Lake Zarasas. This track requires courage, but if you decide you will not regret it, because you will have unique experiences feelings, and you will see breathtaking views.

Working hours:

Orders for groups over 5 people Phone +370 682 40988

1. Climbing track for beginners and children up to 14 years old. 1 hour 10.00
2. Climbing route for the disabled or walking along the route for the disabled for 0.5 hours. 3.00
3. Climbing route for advanced with a flight to Putini Island 1.5 hours. 15.00
4. Flights to and from Putini Island with an obstacle course on Putini Island for 0.5 hours. 10.00

Phone: +370 682 40988,
Kaunas str. 67, Zarasai 32135
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