The lake is located 6 km northeast of Salakas in Gražutės Regional Park. The lake banks are steep, reaching 10 m in height, the southwest is swampy. Asavas area - 198.7 ha, the deepest place - 6.9 m, the average depth - 4.22 m, the shoreline length - 8.8 km. Lake bowl - a former ice. The vast body of relatively flat muddy bottom part, in the east and north are sandy and rocky shallows. Asavas the northern coast of the centuries-old pine trees grow, which are really rare in Lithuania, on the south - single trees and thickets. The lake is classified roach sairam type of lake and the most common fish living here - mullet. Without them catch the pike and perch and other: bream, redfish, ropes, ide, crucian carp, ruff .

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