The lake is situated in the southeastern part of the district, 2 km to the southeast of the country Smalvos. The banks of the North are high, steep, South side - usually low and swampy . Smalvas area of ​​336.0 ha , the deepest place in the very middle of the body - 26.9 m, the average depth - 8.2 m, winding, many bays, peninsulas and with cape coastline - 15.5 km. Bowl quite complex, south side of the lake wider than the northern, his bowl complex, carved gullies and bumps. Dominated by sandy, in the western part - overgrown with shrubs and trees peat bogs, sedge rich bays and sweet flag, but in general few aquatic plants, dominated by shallow sand and peat. Lake rather large variety of fish. The largest catches of roach and pike. Coarse fish live in the lake smelt, ropes, perch, bream, bleak, ruff and other: croaker, red, silver bream, cod, perch, catfish, burbot, picks .


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