The lake is located in the east of the Salakas in Gražutės Regional Park. The banks are not tall and covered in forest, in the gulf - low and swampy. Luodis area - 1287,6 hectares, the deepest point - 18.4 m, the average depth - 6.7 m, the winding coastline - 28.5 km. Slacks is the deepest lake in the eastern part. Shallow lake which is wide and sandy. General off topic entertain large pike, perch and zanders, floats - big bream, large roach, tench and laments. Fishing in the lake between the catch may be bleak, crucian carp, silver bream and eels. And here are a few bigger recorded catches in this lake: 1989 In August, an earthworm using bait, caught weighed 7.5 kg 1.07 m long pike, and in 1998 in December - 12.1 kg weighing 1.21 m long pike .

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