The lake is located near the Smalvos village Smalvas lake, with which it connects a small river. The banks are low and swampy. Are of Smalvykštis lake is 94.5 ha, the deepest place - 4.8 m, the average depth - 2.87 m, the shoreline length is 5 km. Lake ice bowl was lodget ingot, bottom it shallow and muddy shallows sand prevails, the southern part is sludgget. Smalvykštis bottom flat landscape, there are no deep hollows, the edges are swampy and overgrown with reeds, the place of rivers inflowing as well as muddy. To fish in the lake is only possible by boat. The body admitted a number of bream and pike-perch here who are born bad. The most abundant fish population - bream with a large no fishening, because they grow slowly. Glossy or fishing lure wobbler can pike, perch and pike-perc , carp - bream, roach, redeye, croakers, ropes, and no one will try ruff fishermen patience.


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